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From a toolbar popup UI, quickly accelerate and manage your downloads.

The Accelerator & Manager Download Addon has the following essential functions. This is followed by a description of the software. A short description of the add-on, its function, and its features follows. FAQ section answers any questions you might have about how this add-on works in your browser. If you can’t discover an answer to your question on this page or the homepage’s contact form, please let us know using the bug report form or the contact form on the site. The bug report form is the third step in our approach. It’s meant to collect user experiences and bugs about this add-on. Users may also provide feature suggestions or make recommendations through this page. The following area is for comments on this addon, which makes use of the Facebook comments plugin. The GitHub website is used to submit reports in the last section. We hope that by reading through this page, you will be able to obtain all of the information you need about Accelerator & Manager Download and have a better experience with it.

In a nutshell, Accelerator & Manager Download allows you to rapidly accelerate your downloads up to 5 times!

5 Reasons to Use Accelerator & Manager Download

  • Allows you access to all of your downloads via the toolbar pop-up UI.
  • Allows you to download various files using a multi-thread approach (up to 5 threads per download).
  • A context menu item is provided to add downloads to the download list.
  • The small icons on the left side of the TOOLBAR drop-down menu provide access to several settings (including a maximum number of items to display).
  • The site is available to all browsers and platforms.


Do you want to quit waiting for huge downloads to be completed or are you searching for your most recent downloaded file and unable to locate it? One of the difficulties that every user faces is having neither the nerve nor the time to arrange their download folder. There are several extensions (browser plugins) available that may help you both speed up and control your downloads. Unfortunately, not all of these extensions provide the ability to categorize and speed up downloads in total. This makes picking out the best download manager a difficult task. The Accelerator & Manager Download is an excellent plugin. Continue reading to learn how this download manager extension fared in my testing.

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Download Accelerator and Manager is a plugin that allows you to download any type of file at the maximum speed. This is a multi-browser extension that may use multi-threaded downloading. The official stores (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera) may be used to get this add-on. This extension will appear on your toolbar’s top when you download it. There are numerous methods to download the required files. The first approach to get the files is to use the context menu (right-click menu). To do this, you must right-click on the link you want to download and then pick “Download with Accelerator.” You may also utilize the toolbar pop-up to download your data. You must type in the URL into a bar where you can add as many thread numbers as desired for now. You can only add up to 5 threads using this method. To add a file, type its number in the search bar and press the (+) option. The toolbar’s popup shows you a list of downloaded files so that you can alter how many items are displayed. You may also sort your downloads by state, URL, amount received, start time, type, and end time with ease using this plugin. This extension has an easy-to-use user interface that will allow you to manage your downloads easily. To remove or cancel the downloaded stuff, you must click on the eraser button. If you want to reload the popup, click on the reload button. You may search for a file using a term in the search bar at the bottom of the screen if you wish to find it using keywords.

The download manager has a lot of options. There are several features that you may have access to when a file is downloading. The download can be paused, stopped, or played. A button for browsing the file and an erase button to delete it are also available. After that, there’s a button for displaying the referrer URL on the website from which you downloaded the file so you may go back there and see what else they have to offer. In addition to this, there is a button for removing the file from your disk space that will remove it from your computer. This extension supports a broad range of platforms, including Android and Chrome OS. There are few limitations to this plugin; the file sizes may be downloaded individually. If the file’s download size is greater than 5 GB, it will be stopped. You can’t resume your download if you close the window while it’s downloading at present version. In the end, Accelerator & Manager Download is an excellent plugin for downloading huge files and keeping track of them without issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Accelerator & Manager Download?

The Download with Accelerator & Manager Download is a multi-browser plugin that allows you to download files using multiple threads. Simply change the number of threads and then add a downloading task. You can choose one of two methods for adding a new download. The first alternative is to utilize right-click context menu option to create a download. Simply right click on any desired download link and then select the -Download with Accelerator- option from the drop-down menu. To add a link, click the Share button and select Add to Home Screen. Alternatively, you may access the toolbar popup UI and paste your desired download link in the specified space (top left corner). Please keep in mind that when you include a URL, you must change the number of threads as well. Please be advised that at this time, there is a limit of 5 threads.

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2. How do I use the Accelerator & Manager Download Addon?

To work with this add-on, first, open the toolbar popup UI and change the number of threads. Then input a download URL into the provided space and press the (+) button. The default setting for the number of threads is 3. In the popup, you may reorder the listed downloads based on state, url, form, start-time, and other parameters. Furthermore, in the toolbar popup UI, you can change the maximum number of listed items (default 30). Please select the eraser button to remove all of the downloaded or canceled items. There is also a refresh button (right bottom corner) that may be used to reload the toolbar popup UI. Please type in your keyword in the lower area of the designated input field if you wish to search for it within the current download list. The listed goods will be updated as you type a keyword into the specified input field.

3. How can I obtain the source code for Accelerator & Manager Download?

It’s recommended to use the Chrome Web Store’s Extension Source Downloader to get the source code for this extension. To obtain the source code for this extension in a ZIP or CRX format, install this add-on. If you want to acquire the source code from the Firefox addons site, open the firefox download link (if accessible) in Firefox and then right-click on Add to Firefox – Select Save Link As… . To get started, download the XPI file from our website and save it to your computer in XPI format. After that, rename the XPI file to a RAR or ZIP file. Some extensions include a GitHub repository address where you may obtain the source code. However, because it is not always the most up-to-date version of the add-on, we recommend downloading it directly from official web stores.

4. What additional choices are there for each downloaded item?

There are a few options for each downloaded item. The icon is the first thing on the left. Please be aware that, if the extension cannot find the proper icon, a default download symbol will be used instead. The play, pause, and stop (cancel) buttons for resuming, pausing, or canceling a file’s download are next. Then there is an open button to access the download folder. After that comes an erase button to remove any existing item from the list (popup UI). The 6th button is for opening the referrer URL (the website on which the download was referred to) and the 7th and 8th buttons are used to remove the file from disk. Please note that pressing this button will irreversible delete the file from disk. A confirm dialog box will appear if you press on the delete button on the right side. The current download’s information (time left, speed, and received bytes) may be found on the right hand side.

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5. What are the shortcomings of this plugin?

Currently, there are a few limitations on this plugin. 1. At the moment, the maximum number of threads is five. Support for additional threads will be added in the future. 2. The maximum download size is 5 GB currently. If a file’s size is too large, the download will be canceled. 3. When you close your browser while downloading, it will be terminated and you won’t be able to restart it until you reopen it. 4nThis plugin is still in beta, and downloads larger files or many simultaneous downloads may result in bugs..

6. What if I remove something from the list?

To remove an item from the popup, go to your browser’s options menu, find and select “Delete Cookies” for this site. When you erase a gadget from the list, the product listing will be cleared, but the item will remain on your hard drive. If you want to get rid of the object, please press the trash can button. Please be advised that by doing so, all files will be permanently removed from disk and that this process is irreversible.

7. What happens if I remove an item from the pop-up?

When you remove an item, it is permanently deleted from the disk. When you click on the garbage can icon, a confirmation screen will appear.

8. What is the file name’s associated message?

The current download status is reflected in this message. For example, if a download is interrupted, a red – canceled – message will appear.

9. What are the colored lines indicating for each item?

The bars on the left show how far each thread has progressed. If you have five active threads for each download, you will see five colored lines below each item, as shown in the example. Please keep in mind that the colors are randomly assigned by the add-on.

10. Is it possible to search for an item within the pop-up UI?

Yes, you may search for specific goods using the popup UI. Simply enter a key phrase and the corresponding item(s) will appear. Please keep in mind that only those things that are matched to the keyword are displayed, with everything else being hidden.

11. What are the four buttons in the top right corner of the popup UI?

If you move the mouse over a folder, three vertical dots appear. The right-click menu allows you to select any item or title in the selected folder and open it. To delete anything from the current disk (hard drive), please use eraser button next to it. Reloading the toolbar popup UI is accomplished by clicking on the (+) button, while adding a URL to the download queue is done with the (-) button.

12. Is there a settings or configurations page on this plugin?

It’s not true that this add-on has a separate options page. All you need is access to the popup UI.

13. Is there a mobile version of this plugin?

This is incorrect. As previously stated, this add-on is presently only accessible on desktop computers. However, it will be made available for mobile devices in the future.

14. Where may I get the Accelerator & Manager Download’s privacy policy?

The privacy policy for this extension may be found here.

This extension does NOT sync or send any information to any remote server. It only uses local storage ( to store user settings.

n, and its features follows. FAQ section answers any questions you might have about how this add-on works in your browser. If you can’t discov here.

There is no connection or transmission of data to any server. It only utilizes local storage ( to store user preferences.