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The following are important features of the All Tabs Reloader Addon. This summary runs through what it does, its function, and some examples of how you can use this tool in your browser! Next up we have an FAQ where knowledgeable people will answer any questions that may come to mind about using their add-on or not?

We’re always looking for ways to make our addons better. If you couldn’t find a specific answer, please fill out this form or contact us through one of the links on the homepage so we can help! The rest of these pages are dedicated to collecting feedback and bugs related to your use case – which will help make improvements as well since they give insight from different perspectives about what works well (and not).

It’s easy to use the All Tabs Reloader Addon. Just one click and you’ll have all your tabs reloaded without having them individually loaded, which means less time wasted! You can also exclude certain websites from being reloaded if they’re not important enough for it or something else might be going on with that site (maybe someone just saved some content).

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Use the features of All Tabs Reloader

  1. This extension allows you to All Tabs Reloader via the toolbar button, which is especially helpful when working with multiple browser windows.
  2. With this lightweight add-on, you can get the most out of your browsing experience with very little strain on system resources.
  3. The speed at which webpage loads can have an impact on your computer’s performance. This is why there are several settings in this tool to adjust for excluding certain tabs from reloading so you don’t end up slowing down other programs or websites that may be running while loading it!
  4. We provide the extension for all your browsing needs. It works on Firefox, Chrome, and Opera to give you a seamless experience without any hassle!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is All Tabs Reloader?

The All Tabs Reloader button is a handy tool that lets you easily refresh your browser without having to click on each tab. Simply add the Addon and select ‘All Tabs Reloader’ from its menu options when desired, then watch as they’re instantly refreshed! You can also exempt certain websites by visiting their respective settings page; just make sure not to allow URL targeting in case one specific webpage needs updating first before making this decision final.

2. How can I open the options page?

Click on the options button to open up a new page with all of your extension’s settings.

3. Where can I download the source code for Reload All Tabs?

The Extension Source Downloader allows you to download the source code for any extension from Chrome Web Store with just one click. With this tool, it’s easy as pie! If there is no “Download ZIP” option available under Addons on Firefox installations then be sure that clicking Save Link As… will allow your browser access and allow the saving of files directly onto computer hard drives or SSDs (if possible).

To install an extension from GitHub, first, save the file in XPI format onto your computer. Then navigate to where you saved it and double-click on this renamed shortcut that has. ZIP at its end (or whatever other type of archive). For these addons to work properly please make sure they’ve been virus checked before downloading them because there have been some cases where developers release codes without having tested their program thoroughly enough; leading people into believing something is safe when wasn’t!

4. Can I preset the tuning on the options page?

In addition to options for excluded tabs and reloading behavior, there are other customization choices on the Options page. You can choose which tab stacking method you prefer (a la XP) as well as whether or not your browser should use local cache while loading a webpage that has been recently visited–mark this box if so!

5. How to uninstall this addon?

To uninstall this extension, just go on the extensions page in your browser and find it. Clicking “uninstall” will take care of everything for you!

6. Can I permanently disable the add-on?

The easiest way to permanently delete this annoying extension is by clicking on the disable button on your browser’s extensions page. When you do so, all of its preferences will be saved into memory so that next time when it activates again everything should return exactly how it was before!

7. Is there any whitelist feature for this addon?

The options page has a few settings that allow you to whitelist tabs from reloading and there’s currently no way of doing this based on URL. In future versions, support for these features will be added so users can choose who gets access when they visit their browser – including yourself!

8. How to reload tabs with keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, you can reload all tabs with a keyboard shortcut. To do this press the Alt+Shift combination on your computer’s keyboard and then tap or click on one of those little numbers next to each website name so that they may be reloaded without having any further action required from yourself!