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Facebook Messenger is a mobile app and website that allows users to check their messages without opening the main Facebook page. This innovative launch has made it easier for people who use both platforms, as well as those with no access at all! The Facebook Messenger app has been a huge hit with users who want to chat, send messages, and manage their accounts without having the site open. Now you can use this great feature from any computer by downloading an add-on that will make it so much easier! Apps for Messenger™ is a lightweight browser extension for Google Chrome that provides easy and instant access to your Facebook page. This add-on operates similarly in function to other apps within the company’s Atmosphere platform, opening up in its stand-alone pop-over window with all of your notifications right at hand!


This lightweight app is designed so that you can use it without having any interruptions or distractions during work. The lite behavior makes the experience easy and quick, just like what we hope! The built-in “Always On Top” feature of the Addon Popup window makes it easy to do multi-tasking without having any other windows take up your screen. The Facebook Messenger app has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, but what do you know about the person who created it? Well, I’m here today with Developer Peter Tea from Malaysia. He’s going to tell us how this all came together and why he does things his way! The Apps for Messenger™ has been released for both web browsers and smartphones, but there’s an easier way to access it from your desktop. This simple browser extension will let you chat with friends on any device without the push of a button! If you want to be in touch with your friends without missing out on opportunities, then this is a must-have. The plugin can work for different browsers and by far it’s best used on Mozilla Firefox because of its compatibility-making every user happy!

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1. What are Apps for Messenger™?

Messenger for Facebook is an easy-to-use app that allows you to communicate with your friends on the go. When installed, simply click its toolbar button and enjoy chatting in a standalone window or within Google Chrome! You can also make changes such as size limitations which will autosave at each change so there isn’t worry about losing anything important if something happens between sessions – since everything gets saved automatically into memory while using this tool.

2. Why is Apps for Messenger™ a lite Addon?

Apps for Messenger™ is designed to operate similarly, but not completely like Google Chrome apps. In other words, it will open in a simple and stand-alone popup window (as opposed to the toolbar or sidebar), which you can then minimize when finished using for just about anything from work-related tasks such as scheduling meetings all without any clutter on your desktop driving up space usage while also keeping things tidy at home by clearing out old emails after reading them so they don’t pile higher than necessary over time! The ability to have your window remain always on top of other windows, and the lack of any additional burden make this an excellent Addon. The popup also has a built-in “Always On Top” feature that makes it easy for you to perform multiple tasks at once while staying focused where you want!

3. How can I download the source code for Apps for Messenger™?

How do I get the source code for this extension? You can download it from Chrome Web Store with Extension Source Downloader. With just one click, you’ll have access to a zip or crx format that includes all of your extensions’ installation information in addition to any other files such as themes and icons! To download the source code from Firefox’s Addons Store, open up your browser and click on this link. If it is available for download then you will see a button that says ‘Add To:’ in orange with an arrow pointing leftwards next to it; clicking on it will take us into our options menu where we can choose whether or not want. It’s important to remember that downloading an XPI file from any website other than one with a direct link can be risky. These files could contain malware, so always make sure you know the reputation of where they came from before installing anything onto your computer!

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4. What tools are available in the pop-up?

When you open the popup, there are five buttons in the right corner of your screen. The toolbar has self-explanatory titles with short descriptions under them and if we hover over anyone for more information it will appear in a pop-up window giving an instant understanding of what that particular button does without having too much clutter on top or taking away focus from whatever else might be going off simultaneously while using this feature!

5. What do I need to do to make the screen dark at night?

Yes, there is a button within the toolbar that inverts colors on your screen. If you click this button all white images will become black and vice versa for every other color or image throughout any website!

6. Can I have more than one detached panel (with the messenger UI shown in)?

The detached window allows you to keep your messaging app open and focused on the screen at all times. When clicked, it will minimize into an independent tab for easy access in between conversations or work sessions without having multiple windows popping up everywhere!

7. What happens when I read a message within this addon?

You’ll always know when someone has read your message – both in Apps for Messenger™ and on any other pages (open tabs or mobile device).

8. Does Messenger synchronizes among all my devices?

Messenger is now available on more devices than ever before! You’ll never have to worry about losing contact with friends again.

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