Audio Recorder Online

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Audio Recorder Online is a extension that helps you record audio from your computer’s microphone.

To utilize this addon, go to the toolbar button to access the interface. To begin recording, click on the – Start Recording – button. The program will request that you allow microphone access. Please note that the final audio will be saved to your system’s default download location.

Note: The audio you requested was in “webm” format. For further information on this audio format, go to the ( page. You can convert a “.webm” file to another with third-party software.

Audio Recorder Online

Features of Audio Recorder Online

  • You may utilize the microphone on your computer to record audio.
  • The toolbar icon is used to access the app UI.
  • To start, stop, and record media, there are several buttons in the top toolbar.
  • All modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera) and platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac) are supported.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Audio Recorder Online and How Does It Work?

Audio Recorder Online is a lightweight browser addon that lets you record computer sound. To utilize this add-on, go to the toolbar button (blue record symbol). Once the microphone recording UI appears, click on the Start Microphone option in the upper left corner. The software will ask you if you want to allow access to your microphone. After you grant permission, the add-on is ready for capturing audio recordings. Please press the – Start Recording – button. When you’re finished recording, hit the – Stop Recording – button. At the bottom of the UI, there will be a link to download the recorded audio. To download the audio to your computer, click on the download link. Please note that if you use Internet Explorer or Chrome as your browser, the sound will be saved in your default downloads folder.

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2. Which buttons are available in the Audio Recorder Online?

The Audio Recorder Online UI has only a few options. The first button on the left is Start Microphone, which must be pressed to begin recording sound. To start recording audio, press the third icon from left (Start Recording). To stop and save the recorded audio, push the fourth button (Stop & Save). A link to a downloadable media will be generated at the button of the UI below the audio player area once this button is pushed (below). Please use this link to download your file. The media will be downloaded to the browser’s default download location. Stop Microphone is the second UI element. This button, as the icon indicates, is used to switch off the microphone (stop the audio stream and access it). Once this button has been pressed, Start and Stop recording buttons will become disabled, and you must press on – Start Microphone – to use this app again. The third button (Reload UI), which is located from left to right, may be used to reload the Audio Recorder Online UI. Please be aware that deleting the interface reloads all of the downloading links and restores the software to its default settings. Open in Tab is the fifth button, which allows you to open the app UI in an active tab (within the main browser window). Some users like to have the program loaded in a separate popup window rather than within a – Tab. Please note that, once the program is opened in a tab, it will automatically close. The final buttons allow you to visit this support page as well as make contributions. If you want to report a bug or suggest a new feature, please use our issue reporting form at the conclusion of this page.

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3. What do I need to know about this add-on?

The process for working with this addon is simple. To get started, simply click the toolbar button. Then press the Start Microphone button to begin using the addon. Once all of the necessary permissions have been granted, hit the Start/Stop recording buttons to begin capturing audio from your computer’s microphone. When you’re done recording what you want, push the – Stop Micromicros – button to turn off your machine’s microphone. Alternatively, you may quit the UI by closing it.

4. Is it possible to download the recorded media?

The process of downloading the files is simple. To download desired media, simply click on the download link at the bottom of the UI. The audio will be downloaded to your computer’s default location. Please go to your browser’s settings page and change the default download location there if you wish to relocate it.

5. What is the file format for the audio recordings?

By default, recorded media is stored in the WEBM format (.webm). Please visit Wikipedia to learn more about the webm audio standard. If you wish to convert the file’s format from WEBM to another, use third-party software. There are several apps that may be used for converting an audio file from one format to another (for example, from .WEBM to .MP3). Furthermore, many websites also provide this capability. If you have a video in WebM format, go to Google and do a search for convert webm keyword. You’ll be able to see the different choices for converting your audio if you type – convert webm – keyword into Google. Please keep in mind that you’ll need to get the WEBM audio on your computer first, then use third-party software to change it to the desired format. There is currently no way of changing the audio format within this program.

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6. Is this extension available for smartphones?

Yes, this add-on works with all internet browsers and platforms, including mobile versions. Please ensure that your browser supports adding extensions in the mobile version; if not, contact us here.

7. Is there an alternatives page for this extension?

No, the current version of this plugin does not include any settings or options to change. However, in later versions, a few audio quality control options will be added.

8. Where may I see the Audio Recorder Online privacy policy?

Click here to read the privacy policy for this extension.