AudioContext Fingerprint Protector

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By providing a fake value, you can refute AudioContext fingerprinting. AudioContext Fingerprint Protector is an add-on that allows you to easily conceal your genuine AudioContext fingerprint by reporting a random bogus value while also protecting your privacy.

This extension does not block the AudioContext or any other web audio API procedures, but it simply adds a little noise to the fingerprint and “renews” it every time you visit a website or reload a page. It’s crucial to remember that this add-on does not have any settings or options to customize. Simply Install it in your browser and start surfing the web. If you want to try out this extension, go to a website that displays your fingerprint (for example, audiofingerprint.openwpm). You will observe a new fake fingerprint every time you reload the site.

In short, AudioContext Fingerprint Protector let you easily hide your real audiocontext fingerprint by reporting a fake value while you browse.

AudioContext Fingerprint Protector

The AudioContext Fingerprint Protector add-on has the following essential characteristics. This summary summarizes the add-on, its role, and its features. FAQ follows, this area is useful for obtaining information about how this add-on functions in your browser. We hope that by reading through this page, you will be better informed regarding AudioContext Fingerprint Protector and have a more enjoyable experience with it.

In a nutshell, AudioContext Fingerprint Protector allows you to effortlessly fake your genuine audiocontext fingerprint while surfing by reporting a fictitious value.

4 Reasons to Use AudioContext Fingerprint Protector

  • Provide protection against audiocontext fingerprinting.
  • Rather than blocking the fingerprint, it just resorts to spoofing.
  • When you reload a web page, the reported fingerprint is renewed.
  • No matter what type of device you’re using, this add-on will work for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AudioContext Fingerprint Protector?

  • With the AudioContext Fingerprint Protector extension, you can effortlessly cover up your authentic audiocontext fingerprint by returning a randomized fake value. This addon doesn’t block audiocontext or any other web audio API functions. It just adds a touch of static to the actual fingerprint and changes it each time you visit a website or reload a page. No need to waste time adjusting settings and options, simply install this in your browser and start browsing the internet!

2. What is AudioContext Fingerprinting?

  • AudioContext fingerprinting is a digital identification technique that allows websites to easily identify visitors utilizing the HTML5 audiocontext API. AudioContext fingerprinting works with several methods in the AudioContext API to create a unique key for your browser and computer. For example, it uses – DynamicsCompressor – to generate a key from an audio buffer. It also utilizes OscillatorNode and a hybrid approach to produce a unique PC fingerprint using OscillatorNode and other techniques. All of the generated keys and fingerprints while this extension is enabled will be a phony random value. Please visit the Mozilla website for additional information about audiocontext API.

3. What can I do with this add-on?

  • Simply install this add-on in your browser and begin surfing the web. Your fingerprint will be a random value at all times, and each time a page is reloaded, a new false value will be generated. Please visit a website that displays your fingerprint (such as audiofingerprint.openwpm) to test this add-on. You are secured against audiocontext fingerprinting while this extension is active.

4. How does AudioContext Fingerprint Protector work?

  • This addon has a clear purpose. If any website attempts to generate your machine’s fingerprint using the HTML audiocontext element, this addon will interfere and add small amounts of random noise to the fingerprint (while also showing you a desktop notification). In other words, nobody will be able to see your real fingerprint when you’re browsing the internet if they use this method- every visit will result in fake, randomized fingerprints being reported. It’s important to note that this addon only protects against audiocontext fingerprinting- NOT other digital fingerprinting techniques like Canvas or WebGL.
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5. How can I turn this addon off?

  • Please follow the steps below to uninstall this add-on: Open your browser’s extensions page and click on the disable button for AudioContext Fingerprint Protector. This extension does not have a toolbar button or options page, as it is entirely standalone.

6. Does this addon have any options or settings that I can adjust?

  • As mentioned earlier, this addon doesn’t need any adjustments—it can be used immediately after being added to your browser.

7. Is this add-on compatible with mobile devices?

  • Yes, this addon is available for both desktop and mobile machines in all operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Mac).

8. Are there any other kinds of fingerprints other than audiocontext?

  • Yes, as you browse the internet, your browser can produce a variety of different types of digital fingerprints. Canvas or WebGL fingerprints are two examples. This add-on just protects you against AudioContext Fingerprinting. Other kinds of digital fingerprints will be added in the future.

9. Where can I get the AudioContext Fingerprint Protector privacy policy?

  • The privacy policy for this extension is located here.