Badge Checker for Gmail

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Unread emails are displayed with a badge notification (supports multi-account). Badge Checker for Gmail is an add-on that allows you to receive badge notifications for all unread emails in your inbox very quickly.

By default, this plugin sums up all unread emails in all of your Google accounts and displays them as a badge symbol. The badge icon’s tiny text (badge number breakdown) also tells you more about each account.

Badge Checker for Gmail

You can also adjust several options, including the total number of Gmail accounts you have; the time interval for checking your Gmail account, and your default Gmail account to launch when clicking on the toolbar symbol. Please note that this add-on only displays unread emails in your “inbox” folder right now. It does not yet support labels.

It’s important to note that the Badge Checker for Gmail does not belong to or relate to Google Inc in any way.

5 Reasons to Use Badge Checker for Gmail

  • Unread emails are now marked with a badge in the notification area.
  • It is compatible with Gmail multi-accounts.
  • This is a very lightweight extension that has no significant CPU or RAM usage.
  • The Toolbar icon title now displays a full badge notification.
  • It’s only available for Chrome (Windows and Mac).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Badge Checker for Gmail?

  • The Gmail Badger is a lightweight and multi-browser extension that allows you to see your unread badges in Gmail. This plugin works with multiple accounts, therefore all unread emails from all of your accounts are aggregated and displayed in the badge icon. Furthermore, the badge icon’s title indicates the badge number’s detailed explanation (breakdown of the badge number).
  • You can also modify some preferences, such as the number of Gmail accounts you have, the time between checks for your Gmail account, and the default Gmail account that will be opened when clicking on the toolbar icon.
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2. How can I use the Badge Checker for Gmail add-on?

  • To collaborate with Badge Checker for Gmail add-on, please first login to one of your Gmail accounts, then wait a few seconds while the extension downloads all of your unread emails from your inbox. The badge icon text will be updated based on your unread email count. Please keep in mind that you can have multiple Gmail accounts and the badge icon text will change depending on how many unread emails you have in all of them. The default time interval to check unread emails is ten minutes. To adjust this value, go to the Add-on Options page and change the number as needed. Please click on the toolbar icon only once to open your Gmail inbox. A new tab will be opened for your Gmail inbox if you want a different account. If you wish to use a different Gmail address, please edit the default Gmail account number on the options page.

3. What choices are available for Badge Checker for Gmail?

  • There are currently three choices for this add-on. The first one is the time duration to check unread emails. The usual value is 10 minutes, but the minimum value is 1 minute. Set the amount to be saved automatically to the desired value by adjusting it to the required degree. The total number of logged-in accounts is the next option. This plugin monitors ten logged-in Gmail accounts for unread emails (unread emails in the inbox folder). You may decrease or increase this as needed.
  • Clicking on the toolbar icon will usually bring up your default Gmail account. The preferred inbox is the last option that appears when you click on the toolbar symbol. Your first logged-in account is usually set as the preferred inbox. If you want a different account to be your primary one, alter this number accordingly. Please keep in mind that the minimum value is 1.
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4. What does the badge title of Badge Checker for Gmail say?

  • The badge title will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the total number of unread emails for each account. The connected email address and unread count for emails in the inbox folder are displayed for each account.

5. Is it possible to label this add-on?

  • Unfortunately, the Badge Checker for Gmail add-on does not recognize labels. Only Gmail inboxes are currently checked for unread emails. Labeling support will be added in the future.

6. Can I get a notification sound when I get a new email?

  • Yes, this add-on does not include a notification sound for unread or new emails. The only option is to show badge text as a notification.

7. What happens if I have no Gmail accounts logged in??

  • If you are not already logged into your Gmail account, the badge text will display (!) and the badge title will be updated. Please keep in mind that after you log in to your Gmail account, the badge text and title will be changed.

8. Is there a mobile version of this plugin??

  • Yes, the addon is compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers on all platforms.

9. Where can I obtain the Badge Checker for Gmail privacy policy?

  • Please read the privacy statement for this extension before using it at here