Binary Splitting & Merging

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In your browser, split or merge files using a binary data buffer (ArrayBuffer)!

The Binary Splitting & Merging add-on has the following features. This is followed by a description of the add-on. This section outlines the addon’s purpose, functionality, and features in a nutshell. FAQ follows, which contains answers to some commonly asked questions about this plugin and how it works in your browser. Please fill out the bug reporting form on this page or the contact form on the homepage if you cannot discover an answer to your question. The bug report form follows the FAQ. It’s intended to gather user comments and problems with this add-on. This form may also be used to propose enhancements or feature requests. We hope that after reading this page, you’ll have all of the information you need about Binary Splitting & Merging and will have a better experience using it.

In a nutshell, Binary Splitting & Merging is a small add-on that allows you to split or combine files via the JavaScript ArrayBuffer structure and store the results (or parts) on your computer. Fork this add-on on GitHub and make any changes; then, use a named branch to submit them. Furthermore, you may browse all of the comments left on GitHub commits.

Binary Splitting & Merging

4 Reasons to Use Binary Splitting & Merging

  • This is a LITE-ON add-on that allows you to split or combine any file with ease.
  • Divided split has a stand-alone popup window with separate sections for split and merge.
  • There are only a limited number of choices accessible for splitting and merging.
  • Available for all operating systems and platforms, including Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera.
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Binary Splitting & Merging?

Binary Splitting & Merging is a lightweight and multi-browser extension that allows you to quickly split a file (s) into many smaller pieces. Similarly, you may use the merge functionality to combine tiny parts and create a single file. The number of final segments (pieces) or the chunk size can be adjusted while splitting. After you’ve specified all your parameters, hit the split button to begin. When you select one file, the split operation is only active if it’s a choice. Otherwise, the merge operation will be used. Please choose the final file type and extension after all selections have been made. After you’ve selected all settings, hit the combine button to begin the process.

2. How can I use this add-on?

To work with this addon, please first add your file(s) to the addon. If you have one file, the split button will be active. Please set the number of desired segments or chunk size and then click on the split button. The input file will be split into desired segments and downloaded to your machine. Please add your files to the addon before using it. If you have just one file, the split button will be enabled. Please set the number of desired segments or chunk size before clicking on the split button. After that, your computer will receive each input file into separate parts.

3. What is the procedure for downloading the source code for Binary Splitting & Merging?

To get the source code for this extension from the Chrome Web Store, you must first create an account. In addition to that, you can use this plugin to obtain the source code as a ZIP or CRX format on your computer. If you want to get the source code for Firefox addons, open the firefox download link (if available) in Firefox and then right-click on the Add to Firefox – button and select Save Link As…. Open the Repository Browser on GitHub and paste your XPI file into it. Then save the file as an XPI format in a designated folder on your computer. You may then rename the XPI to a RAR or ZIP file if desired. Because some extensions’ repository addresses may include a GitHub repo address, you might be able to get the source code by visiting their GitHub repository. However, this may not be the most up-to-date version of the add-on. As a result, obtaining source code from official online retailers is always preferable since it always provides you with the most up-to-date version of the add-on.

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4. Is there a plugin-specific options or configuration page?

This extension does not include separate options or settings screens, as previously stated. All of the settings are available in the extension interface.

5. Is the software available for mobile devices?

Yes, this extension is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices on all platforms.

6. How can I start the program in a new tab or window?

Unfortunately, there is no option to open the app’s user interface in a separate window or tab. You can only use the UI in a single window.

7. How can I remove this extension?

You may always remove the add-on from your browser’s extensions page.

8. Where can I find the privacy policy for Binary Splitting & Merging?

Please read the extension’s privacy policy.