Blocker Popup (Lite)

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Blocker Popup (Lite) is an extension that helps you block unwanted popups. It is lightweight and easy to use, and it can be customized to fit your needs. Blocker Popup (Lite) Extension is available for free.

Extensions like Blocker Popup (Lite) help make the web a better place by giving users more control over their browsing experience. If you are annoyed by popups, give Blocker Popup (Lite) a try. It just might make your life on the web a little bit better.

The Blocker Popup (Lite) add-on has the following essential characteristics. This is followed by a summary of the add-on. This section offers a short description of the add-on, its purpose, and its features. FAQ follows, this part can help you understand how this add-on works in your browser. We hope that after reading this page, you will have all of the knowledge you need about this add-on and will have a better experience with it.

In a nutshell, Blocker Popup (Lite) allows you to eliminate all undesired popups and popunders. You may also whitelist any web address that you wish to have displayed as popups.

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8 Reasons to Use Blocker Popup (Lite)

  • Allows you to prevent all undesirable popups.
  • Popups can be disabled by utilizing a built-in option to whitelist the desired website.
  • Unlike other popup blockers, Blocker Popup (Lite) is highly effective and versatile. It’s completely different from all the other pop-up blockers on the market, therefore it works in almost every situation.
  • The option to turn the add-on on or off from the toolbar’s popup UI is available.
  • On the options page, you may modify the addon’s operation to meet your needs.
  • The number of blocked popups is displayed in the badge icon text.
  • The most lightweight of the lot, with minimal CPU and RAM usage.
  • On all operating systems, browsers that support Blocker Popup (Lite) are Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blocker Popup (Lite)?

  • Blocker Popup (Lite) is a lightweight browser Addon that prevents all annoying pop-ups and pop-unders in multiple browsers. It’s quite simple to use addons. Simply download and install it in your browser. When the addon detects a popup, it will block it and the badge icon will display the blocked item (number will increase). Please turn on desktop notifications from the settings page if you want to be notified about the prohibited popup. The toolbar button displays a dialog box with five options.
  • The first and most significant is the ON/OFF switch. Popups are not blocked when the add-on is switched off. You may add any desired website to the whitelist, allowing popups to display. By default, a number of websites are added to the whitelist. However, you have the option of adding or deleting items at any moment. To view the complete list of whitelisted domains, go to the options page. There are several variables to change as well as a listing of all whitelisted domains on this page.
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What are the underlying principles of Blocker Popup (Lite)?

  • This extension works similarly to other popup blockers: it recognizes the opener tab, referrer, and click events. When a new window with an opener is opened, the addon considers this as a potential for a popup (to be closed). However, before closing this window, there is another criterion that must be met. The condition is determined by mouse clicks.
  • When you click on a page with a left mouse click (and not a middle or right-click), the extension knows that this action is unwanted. As a result, any popup produced by an opener tab with a left click will be instantly erased. If no opener tab is detected, the add-on searches for a referrer instead (which is basically similar to an opener tab but achieved using a different approach).
  • The goal of this popup blocker is straightforward and effective in most circumstances. Although the add-on can still miss some undesired popups in some cases, it is a work in progress. Furthermore, various settings on the options page give extra capabilities to capture any un-detected popups. You may also try them to determine if they fulfill your needs. If you discover an unscheduled popup being displayed after applying all of these techniques, please complete the bug report form on this page. The developer will endeavor to improve the add-on so that it can block all reported un-captured popups.

How do I get to the customization options for this Addon?

  • There are two different methods to access the options page. The first is from the toolbar popup, which has a button that takes you to the options page. The second method is through the extensions page, where you may utilize the button next to the add-on name to open it.
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What colors are available for the toolbar button symbol?

  • There are three distinct colors to choose from. The first is red, which indicates an active add-on. Dark gray displays a disabled add-on or a tab with a faulty URL (i.e., chrome://). The final hue is green, which denotes a whitelisted domain.

What options are there on the settings page?

  • There are several options settings accessible from the page. The first is the amount of time to wait before closing popups. This parameter’s default value is 0, indicating that the popup will be closed as soon as possible. You may raise this number up to 30 seconds. However, it is not advised since you do not want undesired popups to load fully. If you open a popup(s) using the middle or right clicks, this option allows it (s) to open if so specified.
  • By default, this option is turned on, since it improves your web browsing experience considerably. (c) is a solution that forces all undesirable popups to close. If a popup is opened and there is no opener tab (or referrer) linked with it, the add-on will immediately close it. The opener tab refers to the tab where the original source of the popup resides. By default, this option is disabled since it may inadvertently close some beneficial popups as well. To view all of the developer’s internal logs, set verbosity to 0 (d). All logs will be printed to the browser console in this case.
  • The console can be viewed in Firefox by pressing (Ctrl + Shift + J) on the main window. In Chrome and Opera, go to the extensions page and select the “background.html” link from among the extension information (Inspect views). There is also a checkbox that lets you view desktop notifications when a popup is closed. To see these notifications, make sure you turn on the relevant options page settings. The list of all whitelisted domains may be seen at the end of the options page. By default, a few websites are included in the list. However, this list may be changed at any moment.
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How can I enable a website (domain) to be whitelisted?

  • Please click the “Add domain to whitelist button” within the toolbar popup to whitelist a website. For the settings to take effect, the page will be reloaded automatically. Popups will not be blocked if a website is whitelisted. Currently, only domains are allowed to be whitelisted. You cannot whitelist a particular URL.

How can I stop the add-on from running?

  • There are two methods for disabling this add-on. The first is to turn the add-on OFF from the toolbar pop-up UI. Simply click on the toggle switch to disable it. When the add-on isn’t active, you’ll notice that the icon color changes to dark gray and that it’s labeled with a dark gray square symbol. The red hue indicates an active add-on, while the green hue indicates whitelisted domains. The third method of removing this extension is via your browser’s extensions page. Locate the addon’s name and then click on the disabled button.

How can I remove a website (URL) from the blacklist exclude list?

  • To delete a link, go to the toolbar menu and select “Delete URL.” Select the URL from the list and press the red cross-sign (close button) next to it.

Where can I see the Lite version of Popup Blocker’s privacy policy?

  • This extension’s privacy policy is located here.