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The following are some of the most significant characteristics of the Button Onion Browser extension. This is set against a backdrop of this add-on. The purpose and functions of the addon are briefly described in this section. FAQ follows, which can be used to obtain information about how this plugin works in your browser.

The Button Onion Browser is a light extension that allows you to simply connect your browser to the TOR network; the ON/OFF switch may be used to increase or decrease connection and disconnection from the TOR network.

Button Onion Browser

Features of Button Onion Browser extension

  • The status bar contains an ON|OFF switch for the toolbar.
  • When you’re connected to the TOR network, the Toolbar button’s icon changes.
  • The status bar in the toolbar popup UI indicates the current state of TOR connectivity.
  • For Chrome and Opera, the plugin is now available.

The description of Button Onion Browser extension

With the Tor™ Browser Button add-on, you may easily get connected (within your browser) to the Tor network at work, college, or wherever you are in the world. It allows you to use the popular Tor network to browse the internet without any restrictions. Please check out this Wikipedia page for more information on how the Tor network works. The main feature of the Tor™ Browser Button add-on is that it is quite easy to employ.

Simply press the button (toolbar button) on your browser to connect to the Tor Network. Similarly, you may disconnect from that network using the same button. This add-on allows you to access the internet via anonymized servers on different browsers, such as Mozilla, Chrome, and Opera. It also displays a status bar message informing users of their connection’s current status. Please note that before using this add-on, ensure that your computer is connected to the Tor network.

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This add-on has a straightforward user interface (UI) that allows you to easily use and integrate Tor (the network) into your web browser, making surfing more secure and private. However, in order to utilize the Tor™ Browser Button add-on, you must be connected to the TOR network on your system. You may do this by simply downloading the setup and following the easy instructions to install and connect to the Tor network.

You can press the add-on button and go online once your system is linked to the network. This plugin’s creators are eager to hear suggestions for improvement. If you discover a bug or a fault, you may report it using the bug reporting form located here on this page. Furthermore, because mobile platforms (such as Android) are under development for future convenience, this add-on will be available for them (i.e. you’ll be able to connect to an anonymous network while on the move in the future).


1. What is the Button Onion Browser extension?

The Button Onion Browser is a lightweight add-on that allows you to quickly connect to the tor network in your browser. Please ensure that your computer (PC or MAC) is linked to the TOR network before using this plugin. A separate patch has been developed to assist users with connecting to the TOR network easily.

2. How can I connect to TOR network?

To get started using the Tor Browser Button add-on, follow these steps.

  1. Please go to the following URL: (https://github.com/jeremy-jr-benthum/onion-browser-button/releases) If you have a Windows machine, download and unzip “win.zip” from it; if you have a Mac, do the same with “mac.zip”.
  2. To run on a Windows computer, simply unzip and open the “win” folder and run “run.bat” file. For Mac users, please open the “win” folder and execute “run.sh.”
  3. There will be 6 options on your screen. Please press 1 on your keyboard to start a TOR connection on your computer; once the message “Tor is connected successfully!” appears, you may use the Tor Browser Button add-on to connect your browser to the TOR network. Please push 2 in order to stop TOR connection. To create a new Tor identity, please select 5, and to restart it, please choose 6.
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3. How do I ON|OFF the extension?

Please open the toolbar popup UI and click on the top left button. The plugin will attempt to connect to the TOR network if successful, displaying (successful connection) as a result. The extension will recognize if your PC isn’t connected to the TOR network and won’t try to connect your browser to it. To switch off the add-on, click on the top right button. Your browser will now use your system proxy or whatever proxy you had previously configured when this option is disabled.

4. Is it possible to use this add-on if my computer isn’t connected to the TOR network?

No, you won’t be able to use this add-on if your system isn’t linked to the TOR network. If you’ve never connected your PC or MAC to the TOR network, don’t know how.

5. Where may I obtain the Button Onion Browser extension privacy policy?

Please note the privacy policy for this extension on our website here.