Change and Guard Geolocation

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This is a list of some important features and functions of the Change and Guard Geolocation Addon. This plugin can protect your browser from being located on specific websites with security measures such as GPS detection, cookies blocking etcetera! In addition, it also blocks ads by default so you don’t have any distractions while browsing online which makes the experience better overall – not just because there are no ads but rather due to how fast web pages load nowadays thanks largely in part to CDN services like Cloudfare who provide this feature at little cost making.

To submit bugs or feedback, visit this form. You can also provide suggestions for improvements through the post-office-like system that is designed specifically with input from users in mind! The next section focuses on what you want to say about our app’s features – it allows us an opportunity at thanking those who help make these addons possible by submitting comments directly onto GitHub pages where they belong 🙂 Finally, there are reports submitted via Facebook plugins which we utilize because… well just read below:

Here you’ll find all the information needed about this Addon. We hope that it will help make your experience with Change and Guard Geolocation better than ever!


Enjoy the features of Change and Guard Geolocation

  • Geolocation can be changed easily to suit your needs.
  • With a single click, you can turn the Toolbar button off and on to easily enable or disable this helpful add-on for your browsing experience.
  • With the options page, you can set location variables to suit your needs.
  • Our site is available for all browsers and platforms (Windows, Linux, or Mac).
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Change and Guard Geolocation?

Change your geographic location with the click of a button! Change and Guard Geolocation is an easy-to-use add-on for any browser that changes your physical coordinates to anywhere in the world at once. Simply open up the options page and enter desired latitude or longitude then reload the webpage before checking out where we are now located – there are also other variables available through API such as altitude which makes this cool too!

2. What is Geolocation?

The Geolocation API is a helpful tool for developers who want to add location features to their website or app. However, it can also be potentially dangerous if not used correctly because the user never knows when they’re being tracked by an external source and there’s no way of knowing whether this tracking will affect your privacy settings on any given site – meaning you may give up more than just personal information about yourself!

3. How can I download the source code for Change and Guard Geolocation?

When you want to download the source code for this extension from Chrome Web Store, it’s recommended that use Extension Source Downloader. With this addon, we can get both ZIP and CRX formats which will allow us on our computer in order decompress them into something more manageable before installing or running as needed! When you’re done installing XPI files, just rename them to RAR or ZIP and download their source code from any one of these official web stores: Google Drive (Gadder), OneDrive(Hostgator). You may need it if there’s an update available for your addon – but make sure not only do we have access but also take time downloading this latest version straight away!

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4. How can I use this addon?

Using this Addon is very easy. Simply add the plugin to your browser and start using it right away! The pre-set location (green bar) will appear at all times, but you can change that if needed on an options page–just enter in new values for latitude/longitude when necessary then click “OK”. To find out more information about any given place such as what map views there might be available or other useful data points like sunrise times – try searching online with phrases like ‘find my nearest. The geolocation should now be accurate. If you want to make sure the add-on is working, go ahead and use one of these online services that report your location (i.e., browser leaks website). When it’s time for turn offs just press on any toolbar icon once will light up grey coloration – this signifies disabled mode!

5. How does Change and Guard Geolocation work?

The Geolocation API has been a convenient way to report where your device is located, but this add-on changes what gets reported by telling it that you’re in a different location than exists. You can set any number of inputs on the options page which will affect how accurate or fictitious their output seems!

6. Can this add-on be disabled?

Do not worry, we have an easy solution for you to disable this pesky Addon. Just visit the Extensions page in your browser and click on “Disable” next to its name! If pressing down on our toolbar icon will turn them off or activate their state–they’ll be green when active versus light grey if inactive-so makes sure not to do that unless necessary because want things like buttons to stay lit up while using various apps?

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7. Can Mobile Devices Use This addon?

This add-on is available for both desktop and mobile machines in all operating systems (Windows, Linux Mac).

8. Is my privacy protected when using this addon?

With this free little Firefox add-on, you can change your geolocation to protect yourself from being tracked. There are other measures websites use for capturing our location such as IP addresses and time zones so it’s important not just look at one thing when protecting oneself online!

9. What settings does this addon have available on the options page?

The features of this app are truly amazing! You can change variables like coordinate altitude, heading speed, and more. This will help you find your location with accuracy but it might take a while before getting the result because the server needs time to process all those requests made by users on their end so they don’t overload us (in case there would be too many).