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Clock Toolbar is an add-on for your browser that lets you know what time it currently is, and gives quick access to various functions. With Clock Toolbar ability in accessing information about different clocks from all over the world through Google, thanks to its featured list of known locations feature; this makes sure no matter where we are located on Earth (or even if our computer displays strange hours), there will always be at least one reliable tool available just waiting outside our reach!

The Bug Report Form on our site is a great way to let us know about any bugs or feedback that you may have. Whether it be something as simple and quick as “your plugin isn’t working”, or if there’s been an issue with one of the features – this form will help shed light on what needs changing so we can make adjustments!

This page provides important information about the Clock Toolbar Addon for Facebook that you need to have an enjoyable experience using it. Through reading this guide, we hope it’s clear how much work goes into creating and maintaining these addons so they can be made available on different platforms such as GitHub or even worse- a third-party site like!

Clock Toolbar is a lightweight, easy-to-use add-on for all your internet needs! With the Toolbarpop up in toolbar mode, you’ll always know what time it goes down.


Benefits that make you use the clock in the toolbar:

  • It’s always a good time when you scroll through your browser and see an awesome analog clock. This one is no different, so go ahead!
  • The clock is not well-designed and does not have many options for adjusting its UI.
  • This very lite addon with minimal CPU and RAM usage will make your browsing experience faster than ever before.
  • This extension is available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera browsers on all operating systems.
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Clock Toolbar?

This light and simple browser extension will put a stylish, analog clock in your toolbar. The compact UI lets you easily see what time it is without any fuss or bother; just open up the pop-up window to find all of its features like setting different timers for different days or hours ranges (perfect if work takes over life). There’s also a reload button so that we can make sure everything works smoothly each time!

2. How to work with this addon?

The analog clock in the bottom right corner is a perfect way to keep track of time when you’re not looking at your computer. But if we go back for just one second, there’s an even more convenient feature waiting! underneath that iconic face will be a date printed along with it so all our schedules are never left wanting on what day or night things happen.”

3. How do I download the source code for the Clock in the toolbar?

To make it easier for you to get the source code of an extension from Chrome Web Store, we recommend using our Extension Source Downloader. With this addon, you can easily get your hands on either a ZIP or CRX file that has all of the necessary info needed to install an add-on onto any browser out there! If accessingFirefox’s Add-ons Store isn’t possible then just open their link (if available) within forecast itself by clicking “Open” next to each respective button below!

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4. How is this Addon setting or option separate?

This is a very simple and easy-to-use add-on. There’s nothing more to it than what you see in the toolbar pop-up interface, so no need for an options page or settings panel!

5. What options are in the toolbar pop-up UI?

There are four options to choose from within the bar’s popup UI. From left to right, there is an option for smooth motion tickers that is selected by default; if you don’t want this behavior then simply uncheck it! Next up we have Use UTC which adjusts your time based on Coordinated Universal Time ( UTC ). This setting does not currently have a mark associated with its name so as soon as I make one more appointment over at our side of things – looking forward to next week when everyone can get back working again after some much-needed R&R.

6. Can mobile phones use this Addon?

The Addon is available for both mobile and desktop machines on all operating systems. The popup UI might not fit perfectly onto the smaller screens of a phone, but it should be sufficient enough to get your point across!

7. Is it possible to set a clock wallpaper (for new tabs) in my browser?

The clock is helpful, but only available in the toolbar popup UI. There’s currently no option to put it on your background image for new tabs or anywhere else either!