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To summarize, Code Beautifier Online (JS, CSS, HTML) is a lightweight browser plugin that lets you quickly beautify JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code in your browser without the need for an internet connection. Fork this plugin on GitHub and make any modifications to a named branch if you wish to help improve it. Furthermore, all comments made on GitHub commits are available for review.

Code Beautifier online

Why Code Beautifier Online Is the Ultimate CSS and HTML Code Cleaner (JS, CSS, HTML)

  • When the user interface is closed, has a standalone pop-up window with no background activities.
  • Purely based on web technologies and may enhance JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • There are several options to customize via the user interface.
  • On all platforms, it is accessible in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge browsers.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is Code Beautifier Online, and how does it work?

Code Beautifier Online is a lightweight and multi-browser plugin that allows you to quickly beautify code in your browser. The input languages supported by this add-on are JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. You may either browse files via the (+) button at the UI (top-left corner) or drop a file into the textarea (left side). Because the coding language for the input file can be determined automatically and the interface updated accordingly, we recommend using the latter method (no need to change the input language manually).

This Code Beautifier Online plugin works without requiring an internet connection. It makes use of a free, open-source library known as js-beautify, which is available on GitHub. It also utilizes the popular CodeMirror software to format the input and output codes. There are several buttons at the top toolbar within the UI that are self-explanatory.

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There is also a settings list at the top, which has several options for the beautifier. Make any desired changes and observe the actual result in the output field. To obtain the beautified outcome, please select “Download” from the top toolbar.

2. What can I do with this add-on?

As previously said, please access the file selector UI by clicking on the (+) symbol. After the file has been loaded, change the input language if necessary. The addon automatically detects the language if you use the file selector to open the file. However, if it was unable to determine it, you must manually alter it. There are currently three options to select from. Please choose a beautiful option at the top toolbar after correctly selecting a language.

On the results page, you’ll see the changed textarea on the right. The input file is entered in the left textarea and the output result is shown in the right. Please save your findings to your computer by clicking on the download button. As previously said, this add-on does not require an internet connection; after you’ve closed UI, there will be no further background activity.

3. How does this addon work?

Js-beautify and CodeMirror are the two open-source JavaScript libraries this plugin uses. It makes use of the – js-beautify – library from this GitHub repository for the beautification function. This library is a lightweight and quick way to prettify Javascript, CSS, and HTML code. This add-on relies on the popular CodeMirror library for rendering input and output codes. All of the libraries are entirely based on web technologies and operate offline on your computer.

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4. Is there a separate options or settings page for this add-on?

No, as previously said, this add-on does not include its own settings or options page. All of the settings are accessible via the app’s user interface.

5. Is this Add-on compatible with tablets or mobile devices?

Yes, the plugin is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices on all platforms.

6. What can I do to stop using this add-on?

If you wish to permanently remove the extension, go to your browser’s extensions page and select the Disable option.

7. How can I relocate the downloaded file’s download location?

The final file is downloaded to the browser’s default download location by default. To change this, go to your browser’s settings page and then change the default download location from there.

8. Where can I get the Code Beautifier Online privacy policy (JS, CSS, HTML)?

To read the privacy policy for this extension, click here.