Color Change for Facebook™

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Color Change for Facebook™ is an addon that lets you easily change colors for Facebook.

4 Reasons to Use Color Change for Facebook™

  • The Facebook Toolbar’s popup has a color picker to select colors for the site.
  • The On/Off switch for the addon activates or deactivates it.
  • In the toolbar popup, you may select from a variety of stock colors.
  • On all platforms, it is accessible through Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Color Change for FacebookTM?

Color Change for Facebook is a lighter version of the Color Change for Facebook plugin that allows you to simply modify your facebook profile colors. Simply select or create your desired color using the toolbar popup UI. Please keep in mind that the default color is purple. To make your own hue, move the slider to the left or right until you find one you like. All modifications made in the toolbar popup are automatically stored to memory.

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How can I use this add-on?

It is simple to use this add-on. Simply open the toolbar popup UI and choose a color from the color panel. To see the chosen hue in action, go to Facebook website. As previously stated, the default hue is purple. The color you pick will be memorized immediately after being selected. This add-on modifications all of facebook’s colors, including text, icons, buttons, background images, and so on. [Conditional] This setting, however, has no impact on the media contents (image/video) themselves. If you want to disable the extension, click on the large ON|OFF button in the toolbar popup. The power button is green when the extension is enabled, and the toolbar icon is dark grey. When you shut off the add-on, both the power button and toolbar icon become light grey.

How do I get the source code for Color Change for Facebook™?

It’s also possible to obtain the source code for this extension from the Chrome Web Store by visiting it and clicking on the Developer option. With this add-on, you may get the source code in .ZIP or CRX format to your computer. If you want to save the source code from Mozilla Firefox’s addons store, open the firefox download link (if available) and then right-click on Add to Firefox > Save Link As… When prompted for a location, choose where you’d like to save it. Save the file as an XPI format on your computer. You may then rename the XPI to a RAR or ZIP file. Some extensions include a GitHub repository address, which you may use to obtain the source code. However, it is most likely not the most up-to-date version of the addon. As a result, obtaining the source code from official web stores is always your best bet since it always provides you with the most recent version of the extension.

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What should I do if I can’t save the changes?

There are no options or settings to adjust in this plugin. The toolbar popup UI contains all of the controls.

How can I make the toolbar button disappear?

Simply right-click on the toolbar symbol and select Hide Item from the menu in Chrome or Opera.

What technology does the Color Change for Facebook™ plugin use?

The colors in this add-on are filtered through CSS – filter technology. It merely uses the filter API’s HUE method to rotate the colors. The value is a number between 0 and 360 degrees, with 0 corresponding to original Facebook color and 360 corresponding to pure white. Anything in that range will alter the colors. This function works on all browsers and platforms, including mobile devices.

Is it possible to utilize this add-on on my smartphone?

Yes, this plugin works with all mobile devices as long as a current browser that supports extensions is used. Firefox and Opera are the only browsers that currently support addons.

Is it possible to colorize only part of a Facebook page?

No, this add-on does not allow for partial colors. It just applies the effect to all colors on the Facebook page. Colors cannot be modified or removed from specific areas of the site.

Is there a night mode for this add-on?

No, this add-on only alters the colors of your Facebook page. It does not support night mode; instead, you’ll need to use a separate program to have a night theme on Facebook.

Is it possible to adjust the brightness with this add-on?

Yes, now it does not work. If it is developed in the future, this feature will be incorporated.

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Where can I find Color Change for Facebook™’s privacy policy?

This extension’s privacy policy may be read here.