Control Speed Video

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The toolbar popup provides you with easy access to alter the HTML5 video playback speed.

Control Speed Video extension enables you to easily change the playback speed for all HTML5 video components.

Please open a HTML5 video element-based webpage in order to work with this extension. Then, play the required video component and display the toolbar pop-up UI. Set the playback speed inside the UI and then click on the Play button (footer area) after that. The speed of the video will be adjusted depending on the number displayed in the window. Please note that this add-on does not automatically alter the speed. Each time you press the – Play – button in the toolbar popup UI, you must do so manually (requires user action). Furthermore, when a web page is reloaded, the add-on again needs a user action. The minimum and maximum playback speeds are 0.07x and 16x, respectively, according to HTML5 standards.

Control Speed Video

Features of Control Speed Video

  • For any video element, you may increase or decrease the playback speed from 0.07x to 16x.
  • This addon is only applicable for HTML5 video elements.
  • It has a default button to reset the addon (change video speed to 1x).
  • Available for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox on all operating systems.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Control Speed Video?

Control Speed Video allows you to change the video playback speed easily for all HTML5 video components. Open a website with HTML5 video elements to utilize this addon. Then, play a specific video element and create a toolbar popup UI by pressing Play on that particular item. Playback speed can be adjusted in the pop-up window using the values displayed. This addon does not automatically increase the speed. To change the speed, you must open the toolbar popup UI and check the green check mark button each time (requires user interaction). Furthermore, each time a page is reloaded, the add-on requires further user action. The minimal and maximum playback speeds are 0.07x and 16x, which are in accordance with HTML5 standards.

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2. How can I work with this addon?

As previously said, this add-on is extremely simple to use. Simply play a video (only HTML5 video) and then open the toolbar popup UI and click the green checkmark button. You may alter the playback speed from 0.07x to 16x by using the slider. This add-on works on the basis of user action, as previously stated. In other words, it does not automatically adjust the playback speed. To use the extension, you must first press the green check mark button in the toolbar popup. Furthermore, the add-on must be restarted when a new page is loaded. The top toolbar includes a default button that allows you to reset the playback speed to 1x.

3. Is this add-on compatible with Flash video components?

No, this add-on is only for HTML5 video components. In order to alter the playback speed for Flash objects, a separate add-on

4. Is there anything more you can do with this extension?

This addon does not have a separate options or settings page. Everything required is included in the toolbar popup UI.

5. Is there any way to adjust the minimum and maximum speeds beyond those specified above?

No, HTML5 only supports playback speeds of 0.07x to 16x. Any values beyond these figures will be ignored. Please note that if future support for varied speeds is added to the HTML5 video element, this add-on will be updated accordingly.

6. When I open a tab automatically, can I alter the video speed?

No, as previously said, this addon does not activate automatically when you open a new tab. The green check mark in the toolbar popup (requires user action) must be pressed.

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7. Is this addon compatible with the YouTube website or embedded YouTube videos on other websites?

Yes, this addon is compatible with all HTML5 video tags, including YouTube videos and embedded clips.

8. What about video elements in iframes?

Unfortunately, when video components are loaded into frames, this add-on is powerless to alter the playback speed. This, however, is not true for youtube videos. As a result, in order for this add-on to operate properly, all of the video components must be housed at the top level (not frames) of a web page.

9. Where can I find Control Speed Video’s privacy policy?

The privacy policy for this extension may be found here.