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Copy the selected text to the clipboard without formatting by right-clicking on it.

The Copy Plain Text add-on has the following key features. This section covers the basics. This is a very brief overview of the plugin, its purpose, and its features. The following section is labeled FAQ, and it’s here that you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about this add-on in your browser. Please use the bug report form on this page or the contact form on the website to let us know if you can’t discover a certain solution. This is the form that should be used to report bugs after completing the FAQ. It’s intended to gather user comments and issues about this add-on. Users may also use this form to provide suggestions or ideas for future improvements. After that, you’ll be given the opportunity to submit feedback on this plugin, which makes use of the Facebook comments feature. The last section is all about reports submitted through the GitHub website. We hope you find the information on this page useful, and that it helps you get all of the necessary information about Copy As Plain Text and have a better experience with it.

In a nutshell, Copy Plain Text allows you to copy the selected text to the clipboard without any formatting via a context menu option in right-click.

Copy Plain Text

Usage features of Copy Plain Text

  • There are a number of advantages to utilizing Copy Plain Text.
  • You may copy any text without formatting simply by right-clicking it.
  • This extension is compatible with all websites, and there are no options or settings to adjust.
  • It’s very lightweight, using little CPU and RAM.
  • The plugin is compatible with all browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Opera), as well as operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Mac).
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1 Copy Plain Text is a method of storing and displaying text files.

The Clipboard Extension for Chrome is a lightweight multi-browser add-on that lets you copy any text to the clipboard by right-clicking on it. Simply go to a website, find what you want to copy, right-click it, and select – Copy Plain Text – from the context menu. The text will be copied to the clipboard, unformatted. Please keep in mind that you may use (Ctrl + V) or right-click and select – paste – from the context menu when pasting to the clipboard.

2. What are some things I should know about Copy Plain Text?

In order to utilize this plugin, as previously said, simply right-click and pick – Copy Plain Text – from the context menu that appears when you select any text from a website. The content will be copied to the clipboard.

3. How can I obtain the source code for Copy Plain Text?

It is important to note that the source code for this extension may only be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store using a direct link. You may also get the source code for this add-on as a ZIP or CRX file to your computer. To get the source code for one of these addons, simply access the Firefox Add-ons Store and search for it. If you wish to download the source code from the Firefox Add-ons Store, open the firefox download link (if available) in your browser and then right-click on – Save Link As… -. Then, using a file manager or another method, save the XPI file in the specified location. You may rename the XPI format to either RAR or ZIP. Some extensions may have a GitHub repository address, which you can use to obtain the source code. However, it may not be the most recent version of the Addon. As a result, the greatest choice is to obtain the source code from the official web sites since it always offers you with the most up-to-date version of the add-on.

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4. Is there a way to disable or modify this add-on?

No, there are no options or configurations to change with this add-on. Simply install it in your browser and begin utilizing it right now.

5. Is this extension saving the clipboard to RAM?

No, the text is not saved to the browser’s memory. Whatever you copy will be removed if you choose another text or restart your browser.

6. How can I get rid of the context-menu option from right-click?

In order to delete the context-menu item, you must first remove the extension. Please go to your browser’s extensions page and search for the extension. Then, after clicking on it, select “disable” from the drop-down menu that appears next to it.

7. Is it possible to copy pictures using this add-on?

No, you can’t copy pictures to the clipboard right now. This is due to the fact that the clipboard API currently only supports text types.

8. Is it possible to copy text by clicking the toolbar button?

No, at present you can only obtain text with the right-click context-menu option. This add-on does not include a toolbar button. All you have to do is look for it in the context menu.

9. Where can I find Copy Plain Text privacy policy?

Please visit the developer’s website atfor more information on this plugin at.