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If you’re like me, you love dark mode. It’s easier on the eyes, and it just looks cool. But sometimes the default dark mode settings just aren’t quite right. That’s where Create Dark Mode comes in.

Create Dark Mode is a new Chrome extension that lets you customize your dark mode experience. You can choose which sites should always be in dark mode, and which ones should only be in dark mode at night. You can also adjust the darkness level to get it just the way you like it.

If you’re looking for a better dark mode experience, Create Dark Mode is definitely worth checking out.

Create Dark Mode add-on has the following characteristics. This is followed by a summary of the program. This section includes a few words about the extension, its function, and its features. FAQ follows, which can be used to get answers to any questions you may have regarding this extension in your browser. We hope that after reading this page, you will have all of the information you need concerning this add-on and will enjoy using it even more.

In a nutshell, Create Dark Mode is a browser add-on that changes the colors of all websites to dark (mode).

Create Dark Mode

4 Reasons to Use Create Dark Mode

  • You can quickly apply and remove dark styles for all websites by using the toggle button in the toolbar popup.
  • You may remove or add domains to the whitelist from the toolbar popup UI.
  • There are more than 14 ways to color dark mode.
  • Installable for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera on all operating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Create Dark Mode?

Get the Add-on “Create Dark Mode” to easily create your own dark mode for the web. Simply open the toolbar popup UI and then modify the color settings. There are a variety of possibilities to pick from. You can change the body background color to font color, header color, and so on. Furthermore, you can control all HTML elements’ opacity. All settings are automatically stored in memory in the toolbar popup after changing them. The extension also lets you customize the dark mode to your liking, including adding a (+/-) button that allows you to ban specific domains from being in dark mode. Please keep in mind that, at present, the add-on does not feature a whitelist table; instead, you can only add and remove websites from the toolbar popup UI. To turn dark mode ON or OFF, click the big torch button at the top center.

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What are the best methods for working with this add-on?

To use this add-on, simply open the toolbar popup and select the large torch button at the top center. When the button changes to dark gray (topped with a yellow hue), the add-on is active. Please keep in mind that if you install the extension for the first time, it will be in its default state of OFF. If you wish to customize the darker colors, please utilize the sliders and color swatches available in this window. All modifications are instantly saved to memory. Please be aware that this add-on does not function properly on some sites due to the nature of dark mode colors, which may not match correctly across platforms. If that’s the case, add the websites to your whitelist by pressing the (+) button. Similarly, to remove a website from the whitelist, press the (-) button. There is also a reset button in the top right corner that you may use to return all settings to their default factory values. Please note that this process is irreversible.

Where can I find the Create Dark Mode source code?

It’s advised that you use the source code from the Chrome Web Store. This add-on allows you to download the source code in ZIP or CRX format to your computer. Please open the Firefox download link (if available) and then right-click on the – Add to Firefox – button and select – Save Link As… if you want to get the source code from the Firefox addons store.

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To install an XPI file, follow these steps: 1. Select the destination folder on your PC and save the file in XPI format. You may change the XPI format to a RAR or ZIP file by renaming it. Some addons may have a GitHub repository address, which you can use to obtain the source code. However, this might not be the most up-to-date version of the addon. As a result, obtaining source code from official web stores is always preferable because it provides you with the most up-to-date version of the addon

What do I do if I want to turn it off?

Please click on the large torch button in the toolbar popup UI to turn off the addon. When the icon becomes light gray, dark mode is disabled, and when it changes to dark gray and yellow, dark mode is activated.

How to add a domain to the whitelist?

To add a specific domain to the whitelist, please launch the toolbar popup UI and then touch the plus sign on the middle left side. Similarly, to remove a domain from the list, please click the minus symbol next to the plus sign. As previously stated, there is currently no mechanism to see the whitelist within this pop-up.

What types of dark mode styles are there?

The toolbar popup may be adjusted to your preferences using a variety of options. For example, you can alter the background color, font color, and so on. Simply locate the HTML element you wish to modify the color of, then click in the HEX color box (color picker). Then use the following slider to adjust the density. All changes are automatically saved to memory.

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Is there a mobile version of this extension (Firefox for Android)?

Yes, this add-on is compatible with all web browsers and platforms, including mobile Firefox and Opera.

What should I do if I don’t want to use the add-on anymore?

To turn the add-on off, simply click on the large power button at the toolbar pop-up (top section) to switch it OFF (note: in its inactive state, the toolbar icon changes to light grey). Alternatively, you may go to your browser’s extensions page and select the disable link next to the add-on name to make it permanently unavailable.

How can I delete a website from the whitelist?

Simply go to a website that you wish to remove, then click the (-) button in the toolbar popup UI.

Can I exclude a domain with the mouse right-click (context-menu item)?

No, whitelisting is not accessible via the popup UI at this time. The context menu item is presently unavailable, although it will be added in future versions.

Is it possible to reload the active tab from the toolbar popup?

Yes, you may reload the active tab by clicking the reload button in the toolbar’s pop-up UI at the top left corner.

Where can I get the Create Dark Mode privacy policy?

Please read the extension’s privacy policy before installing it.