Disconnect Social Media

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The following are some of the most significant features of the Disconnect Social Media addon. This is followed by a summary of the addon. This section simply explains, What is Disconnect Social Media, and its purpose. FAQ comes next, this area contains useful answers regarding how this addon works in your browser. If you can’t discover the answer to a certain question, please fill out this form or go to the contact page to let us know about it. The bug reporting form follows after the FAQ.

This content is intended to collect comments and bugs about this add-on. Users can also submit improvement ideas or feature requests using this form. We hope that by reading through this content, you will be able to get all the necessary information about Disconnect Social Media and have a better experience with it.

Disconnect Social Media

Features of Disconnect Social Media

  • Removes any kind of social media materials from websites.
  • Selective rules from the FanBoys social blocking list are used.
  • Your surfing will be more efficient, private, and secure.
  • Boosts page speeds by 25%.
  • The extension’s toolbar symbol is used to enable or disable the addon.
  • The extension’s status (enabled, disabled, or allow) is shown by the icon of the toolbar.
  • The number of blocked items in the current page is shown by the badge icon text (changing the active tab will alter the badge text).
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The primary goal of these social networks varies: who they are designed for. One disadvantage with all of these social networking sites is that they want to monitor users across the network (with social tools/plugins added to the sites). In other words, every website you visit contains a plugin for social tracking (although in most cases) or a tool for engagement like the Facebook like button. Many people dislike this behavior and wish to be shielded from social networking sites while online browsing.

This is when Disconnect Social Media enters the picture. It’s a cross-browser add-on that aids in the removal of all social networking site tracking features while preserving your surfing private and secure. It also helps websites load quicker by removing any elements that aren’t necessary during the loading process. If you wish to eliminate social trackers and browse privately, install the Disconnect Social Media extension right now. To summarize some well-known social networking sites, please see the following section.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Disconnect Social Media?

The free browser plugin (extension) Disconnect Social Media blocks a variety of social media postings (i.e., Facebook-style like buttons).

2. How do extension work?

After installation, a new icon will appear in the toolbar. The click on the symbol can turn off or enable the extension. The extension prevents any urls containing social media content when you visit those sites.

3. Why is extension not working after installation?

If you’ve installed Disconnect Social Media and it still isn’t working, there’s a chance that you forgot to refresh the page after installation.

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4. How often does the extension update?

When you install a new version, the list will be updated automatically.

5. How can I uninstall Disconnect Social Media on Firefox?

If you want to remove or deactivate Disconnect Social Media, please follow the directions on Mozilla’s website to do so.

6. Is this extension compatible with other extensions in this category?

Yes, this extension is fully compatible with other extensions and add-ons that provide similar services.

7. What effect does an extension have on my surfing experience?

This extension can boost page load speeds by up to 25%. You may save 27% of your internet bandwidth by preventing social content from loading.