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Downloads Now Button is a simple, easy-to-use, and lightweight addon that lets you open downloads tabs in one click.

The following are some of the key features of Download Now Button. After that, this add-on is discussed in depth. This section contains a short description of the plugin, as well as what it does and how it works in your browser. The final part is FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), which provides insight into how this add-on works in your browser.

In a nutshell, Download Now Button is a plugin that allows you to quickly access the downloads page from your browser’s toolbar or context menu (right-click) item.



Why Use the Download Now Button? Here are 6 Reasons Why

  1. The Downloads page will be opened in a new tab instead of the current one.
  2. A context menu item is added to open the downloads page (similar to a toolbar button)
  3. If the downloads tab is already displayed, clicking on the toolbar button will only reload and activate it.
  4. (Ctrl + J) still opens the downloads page.
  5. Available today only for Chrome.
  6. Everything is automatic. There are no settings or choices to make.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Downloads Button?

Download Now Button is a lightweight, simple-to-use add-on for your browser that allows you to instantly access the downloads tab with a single click. Install the plugin in your browser and select the toolbar button to open the downloads tab. Alternatively, right-click on the mouse may be used to launch the downloads menu. There are no configuration options or settings available with this plugin; simply install it in your browser and begin utilizing it. If you wish to turn off the addon, go to the browser extension site, locate the add-on, and hit disable.

2. How to use Download Now Button addon?

It is simple to use this extension. Simply clicking on the toolbar symbol (button) will open the downloads page in a new tab, as previously said. Alternatively, right-click any page and then choose Downloads from the menu that appears. Both methods will take you to the downloads page in a new tab. Please remember that if the downloads tab is already open in your browser, clicking on the toolbar symbol will reload it while making it active.

3. How do I change the toolbar button in Chrome?

In Google Chrome, to conceal the toolbar button, right-click on the toolbar icon and then choose the — Hide in Chrome option.

4. How do I modify Download Now Button settings in Chrome?

There are no settings for this add-on.

5. How to install Download Now Button in your Chrome browser?

To install Download Now Button, go to the Chrome Web Store and look for the Download Now Button add-on (or click here to go to the chrome web store and then search for “Download Now Button”). Then, after clicking on the “Add to Chrome” button, you’re done.

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6. How to Remove Download Now Button from your Google Chrome browser?

To remove Download Now Button, go to the Chrome extensions store, search for the add-on, then click “Remove from Chrome”.