Easily Cache Cleaner

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Easily Cache Cleaner is a browser add-on that allows you to delete custom browsing data through the toolbar pop-up. Currently, there are 14 choices for clearing (based on your browser):

This add-on works with the following storage types: local storage, app cache, file systems, indexed db, local storage (experimental), plugin data, app cache (experimental), download activity and set cookies. To utilize this add-on, open the toolbar popup UI, select the required item, then click the – Clean – button in the upper left corner. The toolbar symbol flashes while the addon cleans the chosen items. When cleanup is complete, a desktop alert will tell you what information has been deleted.

Cache Cleaner

Features Easily Cache Cleaner Extension:

  • Custom browsing data can be cleared through a toolbar popup UI.
  • Selecting a time span for clearing data is possible.
  • From the toolbar, there’s a button to reload the current tab.
  • This extension is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Opera browsers on all platforms.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Easily Cache Cleaner?

Easily Cache Cleaner is a multi-browser plugin that allows you to clear browsing data using the toolbar popup UI. There are currently 14 things that may be cleared from your browser, and they’re all listed below. Simply select an item and then click the – clean – button in the top left corner. While cleaning the chosen items, the addon’s toolbar icon flashes. When the process is completed, a desktop notification will inform you of what data has been removed.

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2. How can I work with this addon?

Please open the toolbar pop-up UI, select the items you wish to change, and then click the clear button in the top left corner. Allow several seconds for the cleaning procedure to complete. Once the cleaning operation is completed, a desktop notification will appear. If you want to reload the active tab after the process is finished, please click on the reload button at the top of the toolbar pop-up window.

3. What items are available in Easily Cache Cleaner UI?

Cache Cleaner UI has fourteen options, as shown in the figure above. Cache, History, Cookies, Form Data, Downloads, WebSQL, Passwords, Plugin Data, App Cache (by default), File Systems (only the first one is indicated), Indexed DB (only the first three are marked by default) and Local Storage are among them. Please keep in mind that only one of the items (the Cache) is enabled by default. If you wish to include additional data sources in your cleaning procedure, simply select them in the toolbar popup.

4. Is this addon compatible with mobile browsers?

Yes, this extension works with both desktop and mobile browsers. Some options will not be displayed once the toolbar popup is opened. This is due to browser compatibility and operating system restrictions. In Firefox 57 on PC, for example, several items in the toolbar pop-up are disabled. Please keep in mind that these goods may become available in future updates in your browser.

5. Why some items are disabled in toolbar popup UI?

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Because your browser does not currently support these objects in the clear-browsing-data API, this is due to their absence. These items may become available automatically when the API is updated in the future.

6. Can I schedule a cleaning process?

The cleaning operation is now done manually. You can only access the toolbar popup and select the clean button to begin the procedure. In the future, automated cleaning will be supported.

7. How can I choose the time span to clear browsing data?

To select the time span, please click on the toolbar popup UI and pick a specific time. There are five options to select from presently. The last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 4 weeks, and all time are the first four options. Last 24 hours is the default period length. Please note that all of your preferences will be saved to memory automatically.