Emoji Find

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Easily access and copy any emoji from your browser toolbar popup UI with this extension. Emoji Find is an add-on that allows you to find and copy the desired emojis from your browser’s toolbar popup with a single click.

Simply click on each emoji icon to copy it. The emoji will be copied to the clipboard automatically after you’ve done so.

Some emoji icons may not show as intended on different versions of the same browser, and various operating systems.

Emoji Find

Why use Emoji Find extension?

  • Over 1800 emojis are available to choose from.
  • The Emoji Search Bar is a tiny bar that displays Emojis in the status bar. You can use it to search and find any emoji you.
  • Click on each emoji to learn more and copy the icon to your computer.
  • There aren’t any adjustments or settings to change.
  • The free plugin is compatible with all modern web browsers and platforms.

FAQ about the Emoji Find extension

1. What is the Emoji Find extension?

Emoji Find is a simple and multibrowser add-on that allows you to find and copy any emoji you want from the toolbar popup UI. Simply open the UI and select a category at the top. Alternatively, click on the small triangle button in the upper left corner to see all of your options. Or, if you wish, type in a search term to reveal any matching emojis. To get an emoji icon, mouse over each individual symbol to obtain additional information and then paste it into your clipboard. There are more than 1800 icons accessible for selection.

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2. How does the Emoji Find extension work?

To access the toolbar, click on the icon in your browser’s toolbar. The UI is opened via a pop-up window when you activate the icon. The default symbols are smiling faces that are displayed when the UI is first opened. Click on any category at the top to see associated images. A select button may be used to view all categories next to the input field if desired. If you wish to look for a specific phrase, type it into the input field and press return. If there is a keyword that matches any emoji, you will see a list of icons within the UI, otherwise, nothing will appear. To see all of the icons that are available, simply tap the Find button without entering a keyword. Please click on each icon within the UI to copy it.

3. How to copy emoji symbols?

To duplicate icons, simply click on any icon within the toolbar popup UI after it appears, and the icon will be copied to the clipboard immediately. Alternatively, you may copy a file by using Ctrl+C on your keyboard or selecting a file and then clicking Copy with Right-click Item.

4. How do I add or remove a Firefox toolbar button?

To add or remove a toolbar icon, right-click on a free space in your Firefox toolbar and select “Customize…”. You may now drag the button to a new location.

5. How can access Emoji Find settings?

The Emoji Find add-on does not include any settings or preferences to customize. All you need is accessible via the toolbar’s pop-up user interface.

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6. How do I get Emoji Find on my Firefox browser?

To install Emoji Find, go to the Mozilla Store and search for “Emoji Find.” Select it from the list and then click the “Add to Firefox” button.

7. How do I get Emoji Find on my Opera browser?

To install Emoji Find in Opera, go to the Opera extension page and search for Emoji Find. After the add-on is installed, it begins to operate seamlessly.

8. How to remove Emoji Find from Firefox browser?

To remove Emoji Find, go to the Firefox Add-ons Manager and choose Emoji Find. Then select Uninstall from the drop-down menu that appears.

9. How to remove Emoji Find from Opera browser?

To remove Emoji Find, go to the tool bar and select Remove from Opera. The plugin will be completely erased.

10. Where can I get the Emoji Find privacy policy?

Please read the extension’s privacy policy here.