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If you’re curious about the fonts a website uses, simply click on any HTML element while using Finder Font, and font info will appear in a pop-up!

To get started with this add-on, simply click the toolbar icon once to access the in-page user interface. Then, right-click on any HTML element you wish to inspect.

Finder Font

Please note that while the UI is active, no links (or other functions) on the page will work. The in-page UI displays several pieces of information related to the selected font, such as font size, style, color, and family. There is also information about the current tab including id width height title and URL If you click on the toolbar icon or press the escape button on your keyboard, the in-page UI will disappear and all links within the page function as normal again.

5 Reasons to Use Finder Font

  1. You may quickly look at all fonts with this add-on.
  2. Our product is designed to have minimal memory and CPU usage.
  3. The toolbar icon works as a switch to either display or hides the in-page UI.
  4. Within the user interface, this file provides comprehensive information about the typeface.
  5. With support for all browsers and platforms, you’ll never be left out.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Finder Font?

Finder Font is a browser add-on that makes it easy to view font information for any website. To get started, click the toolbar icon once to open the in-page UI. Then, click on any HTML element you want to see font info for. Please note that while the UI is open, links and other functions on the page will not work. The in-page UI displays several font-related details for the selected font, including size, style, color, and family. It also shows information about the current tabs, such as id, width, height, title, and URL. If you click on the toolbar icon again, the in-page UI will disappear and all links within the page will work as normal.

  1. How can I exit or close the in-page popup?
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The in-page UI can only be closed by clicking on the toolbar symbol once. This button serves as a switch that displays or hides the UI. Please keep in mind that there is no close button for the UI and it will only close when you click on the toolbar icon.

  1. How can I find the font type for a selected word??

It is quite easy to inspect a font. Simply open the UI and choose a term or sentence (you don’t have to select them). The information will be presented right away in the popup. There’s also a scrollbar within the popup UI, which allows you to see additional details.

  1. Does Finder Font have an options page??

This add-on has no options or settings to alter. All you have to do is look within the UI for what you need.

  1. How can I get the font information to the clipboard??

Finder Font makes copying a breeze. Simply click inside the pop-up UI and press Ctrl + C to copy the desired text. You may also right-click on the UI to perform this operation. Inside the pop-up UI, you’ll find a text area where you can enter any text and copy anything you want.

  1. Will Finder Font tell me which element I have selected??

Yes, it displays the name of the selected element when you pick (or click on) one, and it shows you the node name at the top line (i.e. span).

  1. Is this add-on available for mobile devices as well??

No, at the moment this extension is only available for desktop web browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Opera). Mobile browser support will be added in future versions.

  1. Where can I find the Finder Font privacy policy?
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Only by reading our privacy policy will you know how we use your data. Click here to read it now.