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This free browser extension allows you to identify the origin of any website by scanning it for fingerprints. If a site has been created with distinctive typography, this tool will detect that and give information about where in your computer’s system files these types are stored so they can be removed or changed if necessary without affecting other aspects on pages like images Roblox uses them too!

Please feel free to use the contact form on our homepage if you have any questions about how this plugin works! We also encourage users who run into issues or bugs with it, as well as their suggestions for improvements. You can find all of these answers on a FAQ page- just search “frequently asked question” and read through them until your answer pops up.”

The Font Fingerprint Protector Facebook comments plugin is a great way to supplement your blog or website with engaging content. It also has some nice features that help you generate leads from social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn! The last section on this page covers reports submitted through the GitHub website, so please take advantage of them if needed – we hope they assist in getting all basic info about our fantastic add-on for users everywhere!

Font Fingerprint Protector makes it easy to hide your real font fingerprint while you browse the web. It does this by reporting a fake value, so no one will know what type of fonts are on her site!


Explore the features of Font Fingerprint Protector

  • You can use this font to make your website or blog more secure by hiding it from prying eyes.
  • The fingerprint sensor on the phone reports a random fake value instead of blocking.
  • This plugin will automatically reload the reported fingerprint every time you visit a different page.
  • It’s available for all your browsing needs. You can use it on Windows, Linux, or Mac!
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Font Fingerprint Protector?

  • FakeGlove is a browser plugin that allows you to quickly and easily change the appearance of your font. It generates a completely new value for each web page so that users believe it’s from another web page entirely. Many technology blogs advise against completely blocking the fingerprint, therefore reporting a false value may be the most effective method to maintain your privacy. Simply put, this plugin adds a subtle noise to the actual fingerprint and renews it every time you go to a website or refresh a page. This add-on does not have any settings or options for adjustment, so there’s no need to panic. Simply install it in your browser and start surfing the web.

2. What is Font Fingerprinting?

  • Font fingerprinting is a form of digital fingerprinting that may be used to identify and track people. This method also allows websites to quickly recognize users by examining their font properties in CSS. In principle, font fingerprints can be produced by extracting metrics from a sample string with many typefaces. Because each browser and platform has its font fingerprint, users may be tracked this way. To learn more about font fingerprinting, please read this page in full.

3. Where may I find the source code for Font Fingerprint Protector?

  • It is highly recommended to use the Extension Source Downloader add-on to download the source code for this extension from the Chrome Web Store. You may use this plugin to get the source code in ZIP or CRX format to your computer. To save a copy of the addons, go to the Firefox add-on store and download the source code. Please open the firefox download link (if available) in your Firefox browser and then right-click on the – Add to Firefox – button and select – Save Link As… – item. Select the destination folder on your computer and then After that, you may rename the XPI file to a RAR or ZIP archive. Some extensions include a GitHub repository address, which you may use to get the source code. However, it may not be the most up-to-date version of the add-on. As a result, downloading source code from official web stores is your best
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4. What can I do with this addon?

  • Simply download and install this add-on in your browser to begin browsing the web. Your fingerprint will always be a random value, and each time a web page is loaded, another new fake value will be generated. Please go to a website that displays your fingerprint and test this add-on. Reload the page after seeing your fingerprint, and you’ll notice a new random number. You are protected against font fingerprinting while this plugin is activated.

5. What You Should Know About Font Fingerprint Protector?

  • This extension has a straightforward mechanism. If a website attempts to generate a fingerprint for your system using CSS font property, this plugin throws a little random interference into the mix. This way, no one knows your real fingerprint while you are browsing the web, and each visit results in the creation of a phony random fingerprint. This extension protects you against font fingerprinting, not other types of digital fingerprinting approaches.

6. What does this add-on do?

  • To uninstall this extension, go to the extensions page in your browser and select the disable option. Please remember that this extension does not have a toolbar button or a settings page.

7. Is there any way to customize this addon?

  • No, as previously said, no modifications are required. Simply install it in your browser and start utilizing it.

8. Is it possible to use this add-on on a mobile browser?

  • Yes, this add-on is compatible with all operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Mac) and works on both desktop and mobile devices.

9. What are the various sorts of fingermarks?

  • Yes, many different kinds of digital fingerprints may be generated while you surf the web. For example, there are AudioContext, WebGL, and Canvas fingerprints. Only Font Fingerprinting is protected by this plugin. Please have a look at this website to learn more about other addons that may help you protect your privacy.
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10. Where can I get the privacy policy for Font Fingerprint Protector?

  • To see if this extension is right for you, please read the privacy policy here.