Gesture Based Scroll Control

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This extension allows you to control your scrollbar with simple gestures, making it easier and faster to get around web pages. It also includes a number of other features that make it even more convenient to use, such as the ability to customize your gestures and choose how fast or slow you want the scrollbar to move.

If you find yourself doing a lot of scrolling on your computer, whether it’s for work or for pleasure, then you might want to consider using a gesture based scroll control extension. Gesture based scroll control is a type of extension that allows you to control your scrolling by making gestures with your mouse or trackpad.

Gesture Based Scroll Control

There are a few different ways to configure gesture based scroll control, but the basic idea is that you can set it up so that certain gestures will cause your screen to scroll up or down. For example, you might have a three-finger swipe gesture that scrolls down, or a four-finger swipe gesture that scrolls up.

The following are some of the key elements of the Gesture Based Scroll Control (Using AI) add-on. This is followed by a quick overview of this add-on. This summary covers a brief description of the addon, its function, and its features. FAQ follows, which can be used to obtain information on how this addon works in your browser. We hope that the information on this page will help you get all of the fundamentals you need to enjoy Gesture Based Scroll Control (Using AI) and provide a better experience.

In a nutshell, Gesture Based Scroll Control (Using AI) is a lightweight extension that allows you to scroll the page with gestures without having to use a mouse or keyboard. It makes good use of contemporary AI technology right in your browser.

4 Reasons to Use Gesture Based Scroll Control (Using AI)

  • You may control page scroll with hand or face gestures easily.
  • Before utilizing the addon, it is necessary to train (four stages).
  • Works based on images captured from your webcam.
  • Only available for Chrome on all platforms.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gesture Based Scroll Control?

The AI-Gesture Based Scroll Control (Without a Mouse or Keyboard) is a browser extension that allows you to scroll pages by hand or facial gestures (without the need for a mouse or keyboard). You must first train the addon before using it. After the addon has been completely trained, click the start button and perform the indicated movements in front of the camera (Up, Down, and Stop gestures). Make sure your face/hand are precisely in front of the camera; don’t be too close or far away.

You can use this addon to search for and take action on your gestures. The camera will look for your motions and respond to them if it is ON. If you wish to cease inferring, press the stop button once. This add-on provides further information regarding how to utilize it.

How do I use this addon?

Please press the toolbar icon on the main UI when you first install the addon. There are several buttons that will be discussed in a moment. The most basic step before using the addon is to train it for Up, Down, and Stop scrolling motions. Please select Train #1 from the drop-down menu. Accept permission if your browser asks for access to your webcam. Then, hold your hand in front of the camera (webcam), and make gestures for an upward scroll action. You may gesture toward or face up toward up direction as you please. The addon takes pictures during the execution of your gesture and uses that for training. The standard shooting speed is 3 images per second. This speed may be altered depending on your computer’s capabilities. However, bear in mind that increasing the rate will greatly increase the burden on your PC and may cause it to become unresponsive. Continue training for approximately 30 seconds for each step at the present pace (3 frames per second). For example, continue training for #1, #2, and #3 until finished (end up)

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After all of the training, and tasks are completed, you may use the addon to interpret your gestures.

How can I teach this add-on to figure out what gestures I’m using?

Start by placing your hand or face in front of the camera at first. Then, to begin training, tap on the Train #1 button and scroll UP – gesture. Play the scroll UP gesture in front of the camera for about 30 seconds. Next, click on the stop button next to the train button. Train #2 and Train #3 should be done in a similar manner as above. Once you’ve finished training (all 4 steps), you may use the addon to figure out what you’re doing through video or webcam analysis.

Please press the Start button to begin. The camera will be switched on and looking for your gestures to take appropriate action. Please click the stop button once to terminate the inferring process. This AI technology is still quite new, and it may contain bugs or technological issues. As a result, do not expect the add-on to work flawlessly without any problems. If you encounter any difficulties with the training stage or inferring step, please report them through this bug report form on this webpage.

When training is done, how can I use the addon?

When you’ve completed the training, please click the start button in all four steps. The camera will search for your gestures to execute related activities. Holding your hand up when pointing towards the UP direction will be translated to a scroll UP action in the active tab (only the active tab will listen for scroll actions). Pointing down with your hand will cause the page to scroll down. Please either quit or press the stop button after you’ve completed scrolling. Closing the UI will instantly turn off the camera, but pressing the stop button will merely pause the scrolling action and leave the camera ON.

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Is this addon considered light?

Yes, this add-on consumes a lot of memory and CPU while training and inferring. As a result, it might slow down your browser or PC. If you have a fast computer with the most recent OS, you may use this add-on. Please also close the UI when you’re not using the addon to free up resources for other things as well.

What is the computational engine behind this add-on’s AI??

This add-on employs the most cutting-edge AI technology developed by Google and known as Deeplearn. TensorJS is now known as Deeplearn and is being actively developed by Google. This algorithm has been used in many AI projects, and many companies are including it into their products. Please visit for additional information about this innovative AI technology. Please keep in mind that presently, only the Chrome browser supports this functionality.

Furthermore, because this technology is still in its early stages of development, there may be some bugs or instabilities. This add-on is also very new and under development, as previously stated. Please report any problems using the bug reporting form on this page if they occur.

How can I get rid of the training data?

To remove the training data, go to the main UI and click on the clear button. Before wiping all data, a confirmation window will appear. Please keep in mind that, after all information has been erased, you must retrain the addon in order to utilize it again.

Is there a way to use this addon for other activities, such as page back and forward?

Unfortunately, this addon is only designed to be used with scroll actions. In the future, support for additional activities such as page back, forward, reload, and so on will be added.

Where can I get the privacy policy for Gesture Based Scroll Control (Using AI)?

Please consult the extension’s privacy policy at here.