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Create animated GIFs from existing video file(s) or images!

GIF Make makes it simple to create GIFs from images or videos that are inside your browser.

This app requires some images or a video file as the source for the GIF file. After you’ve chosen one of these inputs, press the – Make GIF – button to generate the GIF file. Please keep in mind that before generating a GIF image, you may adjust certain settings. If you want to save the GIF image to your computer, please click on the – Download – button. The file will be saved to your computer’s default download location.

4 Reasons to Use GIF Make

  • There are no background applications or processes in this lightweight add-on.
  • Has an independent popup interface with customizable settings to generate the GIF.
  • Does not require an internet connection or any external servers.
  • You can use this extension on any browser and operating system.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GIF Make?

With GIF Make, you can easily create GIF files right in your browser. You just need some images or a video file as the source for the GIF file. Then, once you have one of these inputs ready, you can click on the – Make GIF – button to create your own unique gif image. And before creating the gif, don’t forget that there are several settings which you’re able to adjust according to how you want it! Afterward, if everything looks good and you’re happy with it– go ahead and save by clicking on the – Download button so you can keep it forever. The file will save to your default download location. On the top right corner of the screen, there is a button that reloads the app if something goes wrong or an error occurs. The GIF image size defaults to (300×300) pixels, but this can be changed in the interface.

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2. How can I work with GIF Make add-on?

To use this add-on, simply click the toolbar button to access the app UI. Drag and drop required photos (at least two) into the app’s top section, where they will be placed. You may either utilize pictures or a video file to make a GIF file. Importing of data is necessary before you can modify the settings for each GIF picture. In the app at the right side, there are 17 options to change and all of them are self-explanatory. After you’ve made any changes, press the Make GIF button to produce your GIF image. Depending on the input source, creation time for your GIF may vary. Please wait for the app to finish; you can view the resulting GIF image in the app UI once it is done. Now, click on – Download – to save the GIF image to your device. As mentioned above, by default this will be saved in your machine’s download path. This app does NOT need an internet connection as it uses an open-source JavaScript API which is very lite and fast to make GIF files inside your browser. Keep reading below for more info about this app

3. How can I download the source code for GIF Make?

The extension is compatible with Google Chrome web browser, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. To get the source code from the Chrome Web Store, it’s best to use a . With this add-on, you may save the source code as either a ZIP or CRX file on your computer. If you wish to get the source code for Firefox extensions from the Mozilla Add-ons website, open the firefox download link (if available) in your browser then right-click on – Add to Firefox – and pick – Save Link As… After that, save the software package (as TAR or GZIP). For example: -> The extension is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. It’s best to use a. Then, click Save As, give it a name, and save the file in XPI format to your computer. You may then rename the XPI file to a RAR or ZIP file if you like. Some add-ons have a GitHub repository address on them; you can use this to download the source code as well. However, it is possible that it does not contain the most up-to-date version of the addon. As a result, downloading source code from official web stores is always preferable because it ensures that you receive the most up-to-date version of the add-on.

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4. What is behind the GIF Make addon?

The GIF file is created with an opensource JavaScript library. This open source library was designed to make the GIF file using only HTML5 tools, which means that there are no external resources or servers needed at all. The process is also lightweight and fast, working in all modern browsers on both mobile and desktop devices.

5. Is there any options or setting available for this addon?

Yes, the extension provides a large number of options for customization. To begin, go to the app UI and then make your changes at the right side column. Currently, this add-on supports 17 options for change; future support will be added in the future. Please keep in mind that all of the settings are automatically saved to memory. Simply modify any of your desired preferences, and then convert your GIF image; when you reload the app next time, all previous settings will be restored and ready to use.

6. Can I open the GIF Make app in toolbar popup?

No, the user interface is only available as a stand-alone popup window. In fact, because the toolbar popover UI isn’t big enough to fit the app UI, this program isn’t meant to be used within it.

7. How can I reload the app?

The reload button is in the top right corner of your screen. Click it to reload the app UI if needed. You can also close and reopen the app if something isn’t working correctly or an error occurs while you’re making a GIF.

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8. When the popup UI is closed, is there any background activities related to this add-on?

Once you close the toolbar popup, the addon will no longer have any background activities.

9. Do all browsers support this app?

This app is supported by all popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera on every type of platform. You can also install this app onto mobile browsers such as Firefox Mobile.

10. Can I work with this app if I dont have an internet connection?

Yes, this program is operational even if you don’t have access to the internet. To produce a GIF image, all you need are source files (either images or a video). The rest takes place in your browser and the end result may be saved to your computer.

11. Where can I find the privacy policy for GIF Make?

Please read the extension’s privacy policy before downloading it.