Gmail Sender Icons

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Add a sender image to each email in your Gmail inbox. Gmail Sender Icons is a browser plugin that enables you to add icons for each email (according to the sender’s address) in your Gmail inbox with ease.

If you don’t see an icon next to the – subject – column for each email, install the plugin. Simply add it to your browser and open or reload your Gmail inbox. For each email, you’ll notice a symbol next to the – subject – column. Please keep in mind that icons are 16 pixels wide and high.

Gmail Sender Icons

Features of Gmail Sender Icons extension

  • The On/Off switch for the Toolbar is also available.
  • The icon in the Toolbar button changes when it is active or disabled.
  • The Sender’s icon is displayed right in the subject of your email.
  • This add-on is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Opera web browsers on all platforms.


1. What is the Gmail Sender Icons extension?

Gmail Sender Icons is a lightweight add-on that allows you to quickly add sender images to your emails. Simply install the extension in your browser and open your Gmail inbox. For each email, you’ll see an icon next to the subject. The design of the icons was derived from email domain address. The icons are 16 pixels wide by height.

2. How does the Gmail Sender Icons extension work?

The Gmail Sender Icons is a fantastic tool for managing your inbox. It’s incredibly simple to use, and it only takes a few minutes to get up and running. To begin, install the add-on in your browser. If you open Gmail before the add-on has taken effect, please close and reopen it for the addon to work properly. In Gmail, select any of your inboxes that contains all of your emails. A symbol next to each email subject indicates whether or not the icon should be displayed. As previously said, the symbol is based on an email domain address.

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3. Can the Gmail icon be resized?

No, icons may not be resized. All of the icons are designed to have a height and width of 16 pixels each. This is because the viewable area would be smaller if they were any larger.

4. How to turn off the Gmail Sender Icons utility?

The toolbar button serves as an ON/OFF switch in this extension. When the add-on is enabled, the toolbar button is colored red. The state of the add-on can be changed from ON to OFF by pressing on the toolbar button again. To totally disable the add-on, go to your browser’s extensions page and turn it off there.

5. Is it possible to customize the icons?

No, this add-on does not support custom icons. The images are taken from the sender’s email addresses and correspond to domain names.

6. Is this add-on compatible with the new Gmail UI?

Yes, it works with both the new and previous Gmail UI. However, at the moment, is not supported. Support for this website will be added in the future.

7. Privacy Policy for Gmail Sender Icons?

Please read the privacy policy for the Gmail Sender Icons extension here.