Hide and Restore Tabs

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With the click of a button, you may quickly hide and restore all open tabs!

Hide and Restore Tabs is a browser add-on that allows you to quickly conceal and re-open all tabs.

Please press the toolbar button once to hide (close) all tabs. The next time you click on that toolbar button, all of the hidden tabs will be restored to their previous session. Keep in mind that this addon doesn’t have any settings or options to adjust; however, you can use the keyboard shortcut (Alt+Shift+A) instead of the toolbar button to hide and restore tabs.

Hide and Restore Tabs

Features of Hide and Restore Tabs

  • The easiest way to close and open all tabs is with a keyboard shortcut.
  • The toolbar button can be used to open and close all tabs with a single click (toggle button).
  • Tabs are restored (with the session restore API) when you reopen a closed tab.
  • For all browsers and platforms (Window, Linux, and Mac), the addon is available.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hide and Restore Tabs?

Hide and Restore Tabs is a multi-browser addon that allows you to close and restore all tabs with just one click. When you press the toolbar icon, all open tabs are closed. The next time you click on the button, all of your previously closed tabs will be restored. There are no settings or options for this addon. It’s really that easy!

2. How can I work with this addon?

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This addon is very easy to use. Simply click on the toolbar icon to hide all tabs. To show hidden tabs, click on the toolbar button again. Please note that this addon supports multi-window functionality. In other words, if you have tabs open in multiple windows, this addon can hide and then restore them in all windows.

3. Does this addon have any options or settings that I can adjust?

This addon is extremely easy to use – simply click the toolbar button to either hide or restore all tabs.

4. Does this addon have the ability to whitelist or pin a tab to prevent closing?

Unfortunately, nope. The current implementation of this add-on shuts all tabs regardless of their condition (being pinned, active, or whatever). In the future, whitelisting will be supported.

5. How does this extension bring back closed tabs?

This addon doesn’t just open new tabs, but also restores any previous session information. So, if you were filling out a form or scrolling through a long page and suddenly decided to hide all tabs, this addon can restore your settings when you re-open the hidden tabs. Please note that opening a new tab while all other tabs are hidden will reset the tab history and make only the current open tab active.

6. What happens when I close a window?

This addon only works if you have the window open; when you close the window, the tabs will not be restored. The only time it is working is when a window is open and tabs are closed via toolbar button.

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7. If you have multiple windows with several open tabs, what will happen?

If you want to hide all of your windows’ tabs, simply click the toolbar icon once on one window. All of the tabs in numerous windows are hidden at once with this plugin. The tab will revert to its original condition if you press the toolbar icon a second time. In other words, all of your current windows’ tabs will be visible again.

8. Is it possible for this add-on to just conceal tabs and not delete or restore them?

There is no API to hide tabs at the moment. The only way to hide tabs in modern browsers is to completely close and then re-open them.

9. Is this extension available for mobile browsers?

Yes, the extension is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices running all operating systems.

10. Where can I find the privacy policy for this addon?

The privacy policy for this extension is available here.