Hover Zoom (Magnifying Glass)

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If you’ve ever wanted to take a closer look at something on a website, Hover Zoom (Magnifying Glass) is the extension for you. With Hover Zoom (Magnifying Glass), simply hover your mouse over an image and it will automatically be magnified. No need to click or anything!

Hover Zoom (Magnifying Glass) is great for seeing small details in images, such as product photos on eCommerce sites. It’s also handy for comparing similar images side-by-side. And since Hover Zoom (Magnifying Glass) works with both images and videos, you can use it to get a closer look at pretty much anything on the web.

Hover Zoom (Magnifying Glass)

To get started using Hover Zoom (Magnifying Glass), simply install the extension from the Chrome Web Store. Once it’s installed, Hover Zoom (Magnifying Glass) will work automatically on most websites. If you want to customize Hover Zoom (Magnifying Glass)’s settings, just click the extension icon and select “Options.”

Hover Zoom (Magnifying Glass) is free and open-source addon. It’s available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Give it a try today and see how much easier it is to browse the web with Hover Zoom (Magnifying Glass)!

Some of the most important elements of the Hover Zoom add-on are outlined in this post. This is followed by an overview of the add-on. This section includes a few sentences about the add-on, its purpose, and its features. FAQ follows, which can be used to get information on how this add-on works in your browser. We hope that reading through this page will answer all of your questions regarding Hover Zoom and provide you with a better experience using it.

5 Reasons to Use Hover Zoom

  • Simply move your cursor around the page in a circular area to magnify it.
  • The magnifier glass may be displayed or hidden by clicking the toolbar button.
  • This lightweight add-on uses very little CPU or RAM.
  • Hover Zoom may be adjusted to different magnifier zoom levels and coverage areas.
  • It’s available for all web browsers and platforms (Windows and Mac).
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magnifying Glass?

  • Magnifying Glass is an extremely unobtrusive add-on that allows you to magnify any web page with a single click. The magnifying glass may be seen by clicking on the toolbar button once. To view the enlarged website within a circular glass, move your mouse over it. If you wish to conceal the magnifier, simply click on the toolbar icon or anywhere on the screen. This extension also has a configuration screen where you may change the zoom level and coverage area of the magnifier. Furthermore, while pressing down on the toolbar button, you have the option of turning it ON or OFF.

How do I use the add-on?

  • The add-on is inactive by default after it has been installed on your browser. The toolbar button is colored in red when the add-on is in operation. Please click the toolbar icon once to activate the add-on. As previously said, pressing the Esc key will also deactivate the addon.

What options are available on the settings page?

  • The zooming and magnifying options page allow you to alter the zoom level and magnifier coverage area. Please note that, by default, the capture zone of the magnifier (150 X 150 pixels) is circular glass. The zoom level is set to (2X) by default. As a result of doing so, the magnifier glass will also be resized to match the zoom setting.

Is this addon compatible with mobile browsers?

  • Yes, this add-on is supported on all operating systems and both mobile and desktop devices.
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Is this add-on capable of magnifying video material on the internet?

  • Yes, unfortunately, this add-on only works with unchanging material. It simply enlarges one screenshot of a film or Flash video for dynamic content (such as movies and Flash videos). Please keep in mind that pressing the toolbar button will update the zoomed picture.

Does this addon support keyboard shortcuts?

  • Yes, keyboard shortcuts are supported by this addon. To activate the addon, type (Alt + Shift + Z). If you’re using a Google Chrome browser, you can change this keyboard combination from the extensions page.

Is it possible to zoom the whole website rather than just the magnifier circle?

  • No, this add-on does not include full-page zoom. It is simply a magnifying glass. You will just magnify a circular region of a page as you move your mouse about the screen. Please utilize browser native abilities for a complete page zooming.

What happens if I scroll down a page?

  • Hover Zoom will instantly update as you scroll through a webpage. As a result, you can swiftly scroll and use the Hover Zoom with ease. The only feature that is not supported by this add-on is dynamic content (such as movies) on a page.

Where can I get the privacy policy for Hover Zoom?

  • This is the privacy policy of this extension.