HTML Blocker

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The HTML Blocker extension allows you to block any HTML content (scripts, styles, images, objects, media) on a web page with just a few clicks. Just open the toolbar and click on the desired icon.

HTML Blocker

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Features of HTML Blocker extension

  • With these tools, you can block HTML content that you don’t want.
  • For now, these are the five available items (script, style, image, object media).
  • You can deactivate the extension by unchecking the corresponding item.
  • The number of invalidated items is displayed in the Toolbar badge text, as shown above.
  • Web-based and available for all platforms and browsers.


HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is the code used to create and format webpages. It works with CSS and JavaScript to create the design and structure of a website. When we browse the internet, we sometimes come across popup ads and other obstructions that can hinder our experience. This can be frustrating for anyone who likes to multitask while they’re online. The majority of the time, Greasemonkey simply replaces or adds new elements to the HTML language that a website employs. These may interfere with your surfing by repeating themselves endlessly.

HTML Blocker is a useful extension that allows you to block all of the annoying things that appear on websites. It provides a user-friendly interface for quickly blocking any online content while you’re surfing. This will allow you to browse more quickly and effectively. You can easily watch your favorite movies, videos, and games using the HTML Blocker without being hindered. If you like multitasking, you won’t have to waste time canceling each pop-up on numerous different web pages. The HTML Blocker is an extension that allows you to block five different elements script, image, style, media and object. By clicking once on the toolbar, this user-friendly add-on can be easily used. The number of blocked elements will be shown in a single icon on the toolbar. This helpful blocker works with all browsers and platforms without any hindrance. We recommend it to everyone who wants to multitask and surf the internet faster!

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1. What is HTML Blocker Extension?

Text located within the HTML content will not be displayed. The plugin can only filter out text, images, and links that appear on an HTML page. There are five distinct categories to pick from. Simply reload the page after selecting the relevant icon (button). This add-on is very straightforward with no options or settings to change. You may also whitelist a domain name so it won’t be filtered. Please click the (+/-) button in the lower right corner of the toolbar pop-up UI to add or remove domains from your whitelist.

2. How do I disable this addon?

The toolbar popup UI may be disabled in Firefox using the X-No-Compromise add-on. To turn it off, please go to the extension page in your browser and click on the disable option. Alternatively, if you uncheck all items in the toolbar popup UI, nothing will be blocked.

3. How do I add/remove the toolbar button in Firefox?

You can add or remove the toolbar icon by right-clicking on an empty space in your Firefox toolbar and selecting “Customize.” Now you can drag and drop the button to a new position.

4. How do I access the settings?

This extension is so easy to use that it doesn’t require any settings or options page.

5. What are the requirements for installing this add-on in Firefox?

Follow these steps to install: go to the Mozilla Store, find the HTML Blocker addon, and click “Add to Firefox.”

6. How to remove this add-on from your Firefox?

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To uninstall, follow these instructions: go to Firefox -> Add-ons -> (Extension HTML Blocker), then press Uninstall.

7. How can I block specific content from appearing on a website?

Blocking content is easy with our toolbar popup. Just find the icon at the top, click it to activate, reload any webpage, and you’re set!

8. What method do I use to unblock material from a website?

Simply uncheck the relevant icon from the toolbar popup and then refresh the page to unblock a content. Alternatively, you may add the current domain to your whitelist by clicking on the (+) symbol.

9. Where can I get a copy of the HTML Blocker privacy policy?

The privacy policy for this extension can be found here.