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The following are some of the most notable characteristics of the Keyword Search plugin. An overview of this add-on follows. This summary is a short description of the addon, its purpose, and its features. FAQ comes next, which will assist you in obtaining information about how this add-on functions in your browser. If you can’t discover an answer to your question, please use our bug reporting form or contact us at the homepage to let us know.

Keyword Search is a browser plugin that allows you to highlight certain keywords on any website. Simply enter your keyword into the toolbar popup UI to mark it as highlighted.

Keyword Search

Reasons to use the Keyword Search

  • This is a lightweight and simple add-on.
  • In order to find and highlight any term in a web page, type it in the toolbar popup.
  • There are various ways to change the highlight capability.
  • Both desktop and mobile browsers are supported.
  • It is compatible with all current versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Keyword Search Extension?

Keyword Search is a browser plugin for finding and highlighting specific terms on any website. Simply go to a web page, then open the toolbar popup UI and enter your term in the specified location. Then press Enter or click the Find button to perform the search. All of the matching words within the webpage will be highlighted in yellow. If you select Clear from the drop-down menu, all of the highlighted terms will be removed. There are several settings available in Keyword Search options screen to customize its function.

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2. Is there a settings page for this plugin?

No, this add-on does not have a separate options page. Within the popup UI, all of the adjustments you’ll want are accessible.

3. What settings are accessible from the toolbar pop-up UI?

Keyword Search extension has six options to alter. The first setting is for case-sensitive searches. Please enable this option if you wish to search while case sensitive is on. The second option enables searching within iframes. This feature is enabled by default. The third option allows you to match diacritic keywords, and it is set by default. The fourth alternative is to match on keywords that include soft hyphens (it is enabled by default). The fifth option allows the add-on to look for terms that are separated by space. The last option concerns search precision and offer three search levels. Please adjust them to your liking.

4. How many search accuracy levels are there in this plugin?

There are three levels of search accuracy for this add-on, as previously said. The first is called Partially. In this approach, only – lor – inside – lorem will be highlighted when searching for a – lor – keyword. Complementary is the second option. When searching for – lor – the whole word – lorem – will be highlighted. The final approach, known as precisely, shows only those words that match exactly – lor.

5. Keyword Search addon available for mobile browsers?

Yes, this extension is compatible with both desktop and mobile web browsers.

6. Is it possible to search for a keyword while I’m using the toolbar popup UI?

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No, when you press the – Find – button or the – Enter – key on your keyboard, you’ll only be able to search for a word. This is due to highlighter API’s search speed limitations. In the future, this plugin may get support for this functionality.

7. Is it possible to modify the highlight color?

No, the highlight color is not adjustable in the current version. A setting to alter the highlight color will be added in future versions

8. Where can I discover Keyword Search privacy policy?

Please read the privacy statement for this extension here.