Latex Editor Windows

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A lightweight, free and adaptable LaTeX editor for your browser.

Latex Editor Windows is a lightweight and free latex editor addon for your browser.

You can edit any “.tex” file’s code using the built-in editor by utilizing this extension. You may also compile the code and view the generated document (HTML5) within the app (bottom section). The latex compiler currently supports only simple latex commands. To print a complicated document, you’ll need to install a native latex program. You can click on the print button to produce a .pdf version of the output (using the print UI).

Note 1: This addon utilizes open-source JavaScript libraries such as CodeMirror ( and LaTeX.js (

Note 2 : This add-on has no settings to configure, so you may use it immediately with any latex document.

Latex Editor Windows

Features of Latex Editor Windows

  • You can view edit latex code right in your browser with the help of this addon.
  • Written in JavaScript and using the CodeMirror Javascript library.
  • Capable of converting latex papers to PDF format.
  • The file selector UI can be dragged and dropped or opened via the tex document picker.
  • It’s available on Chrome, Opera, and Firefox for all operating systems.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Latex Editor Windows?

The free and open-source Latex Editor Windows is a modern browser latex editor. The app allows you to alter the code using the built-in latex editor, as well as compile it and view the rendered document (bottom section). For now, the latex compiler only supports simple latex commands. For more advanced documents, you’ll need to install a native latex application. You may print the document to PDF format by clicking the print button after compiling a latex code (via the print UI). Please be advised that this app makes use of CodeMirror and LaTex.js open-source javascript libraries. This add-on has no preferences to configure; simply launch any latex document and get started working on it right away.

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2. What can I do with this add-on?

The editing experience with the latex editor addon is straightforward. Simply open a .tex file or drag and drop the file into the app’s UI. Alternatively, you may type in the code yourself in the editor area, or write your own from scratch. After you’ve finished editing it, please click on the compile button to convert the latex code to an HTML5 document. The produced PDF (HTML) is displayed in the bottom section of the application UI after that. You can always click on PDF to display a print window if one exists among your printers. If there is a pdf printer listed, you can use it to convert HTML5 text to PDF. The next time you click on the PDF button, the pdf printer will be chosen as the default selection, so you won’t have to select it again. This program lacks any settings or options to adjust, as previously stated. Simply upload it to your browser and start editing LaTeX documents. A sample code is also included in the package. When you first open the app, the sample latex code will be loaded into the editor area. Please study the sample code to learn about latex compiler commands that can be processed.

3. Is the addon compatible with other native latex software?

No. Because this program uses a Javascript API to convert LaTeX papers, it does not have the performance of native applications. It is only useful for simple latex instructions. In addition, compiler speeds are slower than those found in native apps. However, on the other side, it requires no external libraries or programs and runs seamlessly within your browser, making it considerably easier to use than traditional applications.

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4. What are the various choices for Latex Editor Windows?

There are no options or configurations to change in this tool, as previously said. Simply add it to your browser and begin using it. In future versions, some rendering and processing capabilities for LaTeX documents will be added.

5. Is this latex editor using an API/engine?

This is a LibreOffice app that incorporates CodeMirror and LaTex.js, two well-known and open-source JavaScript libraries. For more information about latex.js, go to this page, and for CodeMirror APIs, go to this page.

6. How can I reload the app?

In the app UI, under the top right corner there is a reload button. Please use this button to refresh the app or if something goes wrong in the app UI. Please keep in mind that when you open the editor, it automatically reverts to whatever document was most recently viewed.

7. Is this addon available for mobile browser use?

Yes, this addon is available for both mobile and desktop devices. It may be utilized in all modern browsers and platforms, including smartphones and tablets, as long as a current browser with add-on capabilities is installed.

8. Is it possible to use a different engine than latex.js or codeMirror in this application?

Currently, this addon only runs with the stock engines. There is no option to change or update the APIs in the current version at this time. This function may be added in future versions if supported.

9. How can I disable this addon?

When this add-on is closed, it is inactive by default. However, if you wish to make the add-on permanently disabled, open your browser’s extensions page and then choose the disable option.

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10. Where can I get the Latex Editor Windows privacy policy?

Please review this extension’s privacy policy here.