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The Meeting Web Addon is a new meeting-organizing tool that makes it easier for people to connect and communicate in real-time. This add-on works with your browser, so you can have meetings from anywhere! You’ll be able to do things like see who’s online or join their session – all without having an app open on either device (PC & Mac). Please fill out the contact form or bug report page if you have any questions about this add-on. We want to make sure it’s being used properly and get feedback from users on what they like so that we can improve upon our product for next time! Meeting Web is a lightweight tool that allows you to make meetings with web technologies (WebSocket and WebRTC) in your browser. The meeting room has video, audio, and chat features which can be used by all participants at once or individually if they choose so; there are no limits on how many people enter into any given conversation within the scope of this software!


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6 Reasons to Use Meeting Web

  1. The add-on has no background activities when the UI is closed, which conserves battery power.
  2. The add-on includes video, audio, and chat for meeting sessions.
  3. The add-on uses WebRTC to connect peers, and WebSocket to initiate the meeting.
  4. You can change the WebSocket server to a desired one at any time.
  5. The add-on has several different templates for placing video elements on the UI.
  6. The add-on is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera browsers on all operating systems.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Meeting Web?

With Meeting Web, you can easily have a Meeting Web (video & audio conference with chat) from any computer. Simply write down your nickname for the room and choose a password before clicking on “Join”. If there is already someone using that name in another session then they’ll be joined to their existing conversation instead of creating another one all over again as we used to back when emails had more meaning than just sending random thoughts across platforms nowadays!

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When you join this meeting, the video element at its center will either be a live feed of one person’s screen or it could show what they are seeing if there is no camera handy. You’ll have all HTML5 controls for normal videos within these Video Element categories: CANVphoto & Sound! The left side of the page has 4 buttons. The top-left button opens up a settings panel where you can change your desired WebSocket server and related token (read below FAQ items for more info about changing this). Below that is another set of options, including one which will take users directly into chat mode!

When the chat panel is revealed, all of your peers will be able to see what you type in this window. The third button allows for changing which template (location) that videos come from when they’re being shown during meetings – it couldn’t get easier than that! When you are connected to the WebSocket server, new members will join your current meeting room. Please read the below FAQs about this web-based application for group meetings!

2. How can I work with the Meeting Web add-on?

To get started with the Meeting Web Add-on, simply click on its toolbar button. Next, type in a nickname and choose from any available meeting names before writing your password to join them both! If someone has already used that name you’ll be joining an existing session or creating a new one depending on how many users there were waiting for this extension when it was installed onto their computer. In this app, we use the WebSocket API server to initiate meetings and communication between members (for video/audio data). For our own custom cloud application platform that provides these services – To make the server on this platform, we use – Server.js ( You can host it anywhere you want as long as there’s enough bandwidth and storage for your needs!

Once the WebSocket server has been started, our app will use it to launch communications on the main channels of peer-to-man streaming. All video/audio data are sent through these wireless networks while chats happen directly between players without any interference from third-party servers or hardware components like microphones! The WebRTC connection will be terminated once it has served its purpose. If you want to continue meeting with someone who was already in the room, press this button on left for reconnecting them and welcoming new members! To share your message with others in the meeting room, please open up the chat by clicking on that icon next to “Meeting Start” and type away. Once you’re done sending it off or if there are any questions left unanswered just press enter!

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You’ll see the message in your chat window when there are many members. If it’s not displaying properly, just move around these videos until they fit on screen perfectly! The templates are organized into 17 different categories, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Simply click on the template button on left and choose which type of letter or email message that suits what kind of information is needed most in seconds!

3. How can I download the source code for a Meeting Web?

To get the extension’s source code from Chrome Web Store, you can use Extension Source Downloader. With this add-on, it is possible to download both ZIP or CRX formats onto your computer for easy access! The templates are organized into 17 different categories, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Simply click on the template button on left and choose which type of letter or email message that suits what kind of information is needed most in seconds! To download the source code for any of these addons, just open up Firefox and click on this link. Once multiple options are showing under Add To Moonray – select Save Link As… then choose where you want it saved (XPI format).

4. How can I write a chat message?

Chat messages should be short and sweet. Think of it like talking with your best friend face-to-face – you can’t go on forever, so make every message count! To send a new one click the chat icon in the left toolbar (or press Enter) write what’s going through your mind then hit Send button when done chatting.” You can also click the send icon right next to the input area if you want to quickly share your thoughts with others. All messages in the chat pan are available for everyone within this room!

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5. How can I change the WebSocket server?

To change the WebSocket server, first, find a cloud platform that supports Websockets. To do this you will need an API key from your provider and then write another program similar to what is available here ( When the server is ready, please add your URL and password in our app’s settings sidebar. Now we’ll use WebRTC to initiate communications for streaming video chats!

6. Is there any options or setting page available for this addon?

The options and settings for this Addon UI are all in here, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. You won’t have any trouble making changes or saving them with a click of the mouse!

7. Can I open the Meeting Web interface in a toolbar popup or a new tab?

Currently, the app UI can only be opened in a standalone window. In future versions of this software, it will support opening new tabs on top so you don’t have to keep closing your current one out from its minimized state when working with multiple applications at once!

8. Why new members in the meeting room are not shown?

When a meeting is disconnected from the WebSocket server, it can be reconnected by clicking on an easy-to-use button at the left. This will allow you and any other members of your team or community to continue working without interruption!

9. Where can I find the privacy policy for Meeting Web?

Please visit the privacy policy page here to learn more about how your data will be used.