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In short, Save as MHTML addon can easily save the whole webpage in a single file (.mhtml) containing all external resources.

MHTML Downloader

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Feature MHTML Downloader:

  • Save any webpage as MHTML document with a click of a button (toolbar button).
  • Add a context-menu item in mouse right-click to save any website
  • Available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera on all operating systems.
  • No settings or options to adjust.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Save as MHTML Downloader?

MHTML Downloader is a tiny program that may save any site in a single file with the MHTML Downloader file extension. A new file structure, called MHTML Downloader document, was made to encapsulate all information on a website into a single file. It’s a short form of MIME HTML and is presently only accessible in Google Chrome. When you open an MPDF file in your browser, it displays identical to the original page, but it is saved locally on your computer. Please keep in mind that this technology is relatively new, so there may be bugs or issues with saving web content.

2. How can I work with this addon?

The MHT file can be converted to an MHTML Downloader document using this add-on. There are two ways to utilize it. The first option is to select the toolbar button. The second method is to right-click on the screen (context menu). In both cases, the page will be changed to MHT Downloader form and downloaded to your computer in the default download folder.

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3. How to access Save as MHTML Downloader settings?

There are no settings or preferences associated with this add-on.

4. How to install Save as MHTML Downloader in Firefox browsers?

Unfortunately, this add-on’s API is not yet available in Firefox and Opera browsers. When the API is supported in the future, the plugin will be available for both Firefox.

5. How can I disable this addon?

You’ll need to go to your browser’s extensions page and turn off this extension. Find the plugin and click the disable button next to it. Please keep in mind that when you aren’t using this add-on, there are no background activities.

6. Why this addon is not working correctly on some websites?

As previously said, this technology is still in its early stages. The MHTML Downloader API isn’t currently functional on websites with multi-media content (e.g. YouTube). It works best on sites that solely feature text and pictures. In general, the MHTML Downloader format does not support dynamic websites that produce JavaScript-based dynamic content. Because to the fact that to save a file as MHTML, the API by default disables JavaScript .

7. Can I save a webpage in other formats (other than MHTML Downloader)?

This add-on is only intended for the MHTML Downloader document type.

8. Where can I find the privacy policy for Save as MHTML Downloader?

The privacy policy for this extension is available here.