Mute Audio Tab

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The Mute Audio Tab is a browser plugin that allows you to mute all tabs with a single click (click).

The toolbar button works as an ON|OFF switch when pressed, and the icon changes to reflect this (the color and form). Please keep in mind that if you just want to unmute one tab, simply right-click on a tab and then select “Unmute Tab.” To silence all other tabs except the active tab, go to the settings page. The addon will not alter your configuration if you manually unmute a tab; even if you click on the toolbar symbol.

Mute Audio Tab

Reasons to use the Mute Audio Tab extension

  • The Panel Menu item serves as a ON|OFF button for all tabs at once.
  • This lightweight extension has no background operations and is not in use.
  • On all platforms, you can use this extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.
  • You can unmute a single tab by right-clicking on it.


1. What is the Mute Audio Tab extension?

The Mute Audio Tab extension for multiple platforms allows you to quickly silence all open tabs by pressing just one button (click). Once you press the icon, it changes color and shape accordingly (ON|OFF). Please remember that if you want to un-mute only one tab, simply right-click on a tab and then choose “Unmute Tab.” Note: even if you click on the toolbar icon to unmute a tab manually, the add-on will not change it.

2. How can I turn the add-on OFF?

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When the extension is turned on, the toolbar icon will have a red line across a sound button (disabled sound symbol). All tabs are muted as a result of this. When you switch the addon icon to a basic sound symbol, however, all tabs are unmuted and the plugin is disabled. Alternatively, you can uninstall the plugin by going to your browser add-ons page and clicking on the disable add-on option.

3. Is it possible to whitelist a website or domain?

No, there isn’t currently any way to whitelist a website for silence or unmute. The toolbar button merely mutes all tabs at once. Please keep in mind that this add-on has no effect on tabs that are left open by the user.

4. Is this plugin causing any problems with other extensions in my browser?

No, there is no conflict with other addons in your browser. You may have it functioning properly while additional addons are active.

5. How can I get the Addon for Firefox Android?

Unfortunately, this plugin is not available for mobile Firefox at the moment. Mobile versions will be supported in the future.

6. How can I get rid of this extension from my browser?

To delete this extension from your browser, go to the extensions page in your browser and then select the Remove This Addon option.

7. Is this plugin compatible with Safari?

It is currently only accessible on desktop computers running Firefox, Chrome, or Opera (Windows, Linux, and Mac).

8. When not in use, does the Mute Audio Tab plugin perform when it’s not in use?

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When not in use, Mute Tab plugin is very light and has no background operations. When the add-on isn’t being used, a – inactive – word appears next to its name in Chrome. This indicates that the add-on is switched off automatically, with no resources being consumed.

9. Where can I locate the Mute Audio Tab privacy policy?

You may also find the extension’s privacy policy here.