Native Client

This repository contains NIVEA plugin’s Native Client patches, which are only compatible with the addons listed on the website. Please use caution when using those products, as they will not work with the patches supplied in this repo if you are led to them from any other sources (website, add-on, plug-in, app, etc.).

How to work with native-client:

The Google engineers have developed new APIs that allow your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Edge) to communicate with native applications on your computer via the Native Client Patch. This native client patch may be used to quickly establish a connection between an add-on in your browser and an external application on your PC if you have one.

Please follow the steps below to install “native-client” on your system. Go to the releases folder “” and download and extract the ZIP file concerned. If you’re using Windows, go down to “,” for Mac OS, “,” and for Linux, “”

  1. To install the add-on in your browser, double-click on “install.bat.” You can check out the contents of “install.bat” using any text editor if you’re curious.
  2. The successful message should display on the screen after a brief wait.
  3. Your browser’s add-on is now completely linked to native programs (i.e., a media player) on your computer.

To remove “native-client” from your computer, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the folder containing uninstall.bat and click on it.
  2. Allow the script to show you a message indicating that it was successful.


  1. For Win
  2. For Mac
  3. For Linux