Notifier to the Inbox

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The badge will also show when you open your inbox, and you’ll have instant access to it with a single click.

The Notifier to the Inbox add-on has the following features. This is followed by a summary of this plugin. The overview page is a quick rundown of the add-on and its features. FAQ comes next, which contains answers to common questions regarding the functionality of this plugin in your browser. If you can’t discover an answer to your question, please fill out the bug report form on this page or the contact form on the homepage to let us know about it. It is intended to gather information about this add-on from the users. This form may also be used to submit feature requests and suggestions. The next section is for submitting comments regarding this add-on, which makes use of the Facebook comments plugin. The final area is reserved for reports submitted via GitHub. Notifier to the Inbox is an Addon which allows you to see new emails as they arrive in your inbox. We hope this page may provide you with all of the essential information regarding this add-on and help you have a better experience with Notifier to the Inbox.

Notifier to the Inbox, on the other hand, sends badge notifications for new Inbox emails. It makes use of the streaming API at (inbox).

Notifier to the Inbox

Feature of Use Notifier to the Inbox

The Google Inbox ( is a new and free email service from Google that includes plenty of storage, IMAP access, and an incredibly easy-to-use web application.

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One click from the Firefox toolbar button gives you immediate access to your Inbox.

When you get a new email, the badge icon text changes color (to change the color, see below).

You can access your mailbox whenever you want simply by logging in once.

From the Addons menu, you may quickly access change notification preferences.

Installing this plugin is simple and entirely free. It will take only a few seconds to install and is completely free.

Description of Notifier to the Inbox

It may be tough to keep track of what comes in and when you have access to your inbox in a browser. The new Inbox Notifier add-on for Firefox allows you to access your inbox as well as monitor and notify you when new e-mails arrive immediately. This extension can help you to only access your e-mail when you receive new messages and quickly manage the flow of your emails to deal with spam and unwelcome communications as soon as they arrive.

Inbox Notifier uses the Google streaming API to let you read your Gmail inbox as well as other inboxes in one go. Set up Inbox Notifier for numerous accounts to monitor your work e-mail, home e-mail, Google Mail, and more. One of the most useful characteristics of Inbox Notifier is the ability to access your Google Mail inbox with a single click on a Notifier message. A “quickly read options for new mail” option is accessible through the browser badge icon, and installation of the plugin allows you to log in using several e-mail accounts by pressing the addon button. You can customize the displayed notification and layout options inside of your Gmail inbox to enhance your experience and help you manage more emails from the extension. You may take just a few seconds to install this 100 percent secure and free e-mail access Notifier. You can alter the size of the notification, the pop-up display that you see to read the headline of an email, and how the extension notifies you of a new e-mail by changing the various settings on the add-ons option page. You won’t know how to check email without Inbox Notifier’s assistance after using it since you’ll have all this control and efficiency boost.

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1. What is Notifier to the Inbox?

It’s a new Firefox Addon called Notifier to the Inbox that opens the fresh Google Inbox in the toolbar panel UI, as well as badge notification and several more functions. The Gmail Inbox is the Google-designed new interface that is very contemporary and simple to use. It’s much quicker than the previous Gmail UI, with several improvements.

2. What changes have you noticed in this update?

For more information about the most recent update, see the link in the Mozilla Addon Store.

3. How to Manage Firefox’s Toolbar Buttons?

To add or delete the toolbar icon, right-click on a free area in your Firefox toolbar and select “Customize…”. You may now drag and drop the button to a new location.

4. How do I change the settings on the Inbox Notifier?

To modify Addon settings, go to the Firefox Addon page and select the options button. You may customize the appearance of many aspects of the program.You may also modify the interval at which the Addon’s badge icon text is updated. The ( page may be opened by tapping the Home button in the toolbar panel UI. You may modify the function of this button from the settings page. The button may be set to open either ( or ( depending on the preferences in the addons options page, which is exactly what we’re doing here: Furthermore, you may also customize the badge icon text’s color from the settings page. There is a user interface that allows you to change the color to whatever you choose. Please visit the options page within Addon for additional choices and other features.

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5. How to Install Inbox Notifier in Firefox?

To download inbox notifier, go to and click the “Add to Firefox” button. The Addon will be installed in your browser without interruption.

6. How to Remove Inbox Notifier from Firefox?

To remove inbox notifier, go to the Firefox Add-ons Manager and select Notifier to the Inbox . Then click the Uninstall button.

7. If I find any bugs with this Addon, how may I report them??

If you find any Bugs, please scroll down this page to the Bug Report form. This is where you should submit any bugs that you discover. All reports are carefully read by the Addon author, and suggested modifications will be made to the Addon in the next release. Please make sure to fill out all of the blanks correctly and try your best to be as precise as possible when reporting Issues.