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A free, highly configurable text and code editor extension for your browser. The full-featured text and code editor add-on Online Text Editor for Your Browser is now available.

Online Text Editor

Reasons to use a Online Text Editor

  • This tool allows you to modify text/source codes right in your browser.
  • This style is defined on top of the CodeMirror JavaScript library.
  • It’s simple to use and may be configured in a variety of ways.
  • You may move, copy, delete and rename files and folders.
  • Firefox, Chrome, and Opera are supported on all operating systems.


1. What is the Online Text Editor extension?

Online Text Editor is a free and open-source text and code editor for Chrome OS, as well as an extension for other platforms. Online Text Editor as a program may be used on its own for your operating system. To put it another way, you can use the app without opening your browser. The app version has all of Online Text Editor’s functions, but not full access to all files and folders on your computer. The wonderful CodeMirror JavaScript library is utilized by the Online Text Editor. A sidebar on the left and a text editor on the right are visible when you first launch the software. I/O options for files are accessible through the left sidebar. For example, there is a button to open file(s), folders, or settings. A right sidebar also exists with all of the app’s settings. Please see below for further details about this software.

2. How can I use the Online Text Editor extension?

To use Online Text Editor, you must first install it on your Chrome browser. Then, after installing the app edition, simply add it to your Chrome browser and then open the app by clicking its icon (within the apps tab). You can either create a new file, open an existing one, or select a folder and all of its files after the UI appears. This program has almost all of Sublime’s functionalities. It’s worth noting that this program also supports all of Sublime’s keyboard shortcuts. To alter the system theme, go to the settings sidebar (right-sidebar) and select your preferred theme from the list at the top right corner. All modifications are automatically saved to the application’s memory. Because this program is built on Chrome apps, it offers an always-on-top option, which is quite beneficial in keeping it on top of all of your computer’s windows. If you want to use Online Text Editor for Chrome, be aware that all of its capabilities are equal to or superior to the app version; however, it does not have complete access to your files and folders. The extension has access to only the default download folder on your computer. As a result, all file I/O operations take place in the default download folder. You can modify your browser’s default download location from the settings page.

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3. What is the primary distinction between Online Text Editor?

The most significant difference is file I/O access, as previously stated. The app has access to all files and folders on your computer. However, the extension just has access to files in the default download folder. As a result, working with the app is far easier than using the extension because it’s only available for Chrome OS at this time. The option of – AlwaysOnTop – , which is only accessible in the app, is the second distinction between app and extension. It keeps the user interface always visible above all other applications on your machine.

4. What are the different Online Text Editor features?

There are several alternatives for this program. Please look in the right sidebar for a complete inventory of options. When you make a change, the app will automatically store it to memory. Please keep in mind that, in order to access the right sidebar, you must first click on the toggle button at the right middle corner. To see the toggle button, please move your mouse over to the right side. It’s crucial to remember that some settings need to be reset before they can take effect.

5. Is Online Text Editor available on the Opera or Firefox browser?

The app version, unfortunately, is only accessible for Chrome OS. At the moment, Firefox and Opera browsers do not support apps. You can utilize the extension version, but with restricted file I/O access.

6. How is this text editor powered by an API/engine?

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The Powerline theme was created using CodeMirror, an open source JavaScript library. Please see the website for further information on the CodeMirror API. It supports over 100 programming languages, as well as Vim, Emacs, and Sublime bindings, according to the CodeMirror website.

7. What’s the procedure for reloading the software?

The left sidebar is home to three buttons in the bottom left corner. The first one is a – Reset – button that can be used to reset the extension to its default settings. The next option is a – Support – link that takes you to the addons support site in a new tab. Finally, there’s a – Reload App’ button. This button reloads the app without affecting any of your work or files on Seesafed! Before reloading the application, please save all unedited documents since it will lose them all after restarting (if this happens).

8. Is it possible to utilize this add-on to open pictures?

No, this program can only open text documents (i.e., .text, .js, .css, and other formats). In the future, support for additional file types will be added.

9. Is it possible to use this program on my phone?

Yes, it may be used on both mobile and desktop devices. Because it is designed for Chrome applications, it may run on all computers that have Chrome installations (for example, Chrome OS). The add-on version, on the other hand, runs in all modern browsers as well as mobile and tablet devices with the aid of an adequate modern browser.

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10. Is it possible to use a different engine than codemirror in this application?

No, this program is presently only compatible with the CodeMirror API. There are a few more open-source text editor APIs accessible aside from CodeMirron. One of them, ACE, is well-known and offers similar functionality to the CodeMirror API, but with different parameters. Support for ACE API will be integrated into this app/addon in future upgrades.

11. How can I remove this add-on?

It is inactive by default when this plugin is shut down. However, if you wish to permanently disable the plugin, go to your browser’s extensions menu and then click the disable button.

12. Where can I get the Online Text Editor privacy policy?

The Privacy Policy for this extension is available here.