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Open Private Mode Browser Extension is a great way to keep your browsing private and secure. With this extension, you can easily open a new private browsing window in your browser with just a few clicks. This extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox, and it’s completely free to use.

When you install the Open Private Mode Browser Extension, you’ll see a new icon in your browser toolbar. To open a new private browsing window, simply click the icon and select “Open Private Mode Browser”

Open Private Mode

Using the toolbar button or context menu, open a private (incognito) tab for the current window.

Open Private Mode Browser addon has several useful functions, as seen below. This is followed by a brief overview of the add-on. This summary covers the basics of the add-on, its purpose, and its features. FAQ follows, which contains answers to common questions regarding this plugin’s operation within your browser. We hope you find all you need to know about this plugin on this page, and that using Open Private Mode Browser will be a better experience for you.

In a nutshell, Open Private Mode Browser is a multi-browser plugin that lets you create private (incognito) windows for the current tab by means of a toolbar button, context menu, or key combination.

4 Reasons to Use Open Private Mode Browser

  • This is a lightweight and simple add-on.
  • Open a private window for the current tab (active) with just one click.
  • To access the private window, go to the toolbar button, context menu option, or keystroke.
  • You may download and view both desktop and mobile versions of this add-on.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Private Mode Browser?

  • Open Private Mode Browser is a browser add-on that allows you to open the current tab (active) in a private window. To create a private (or incognito) window, simply click on the button on the toolbar. The context menu option may also be used to launch a private window (right-click). Please keep in mind that if you right-click on a link, the new secret window will contain the link’s URL rather than the tab. You can also use Alt + Shift + S to open an active tab in a secret window.

What choices are there to have the active tab in a private window?

  • There are three methods to open an active tab in a private window. The toolbar button, right-click the context-menu item, or keyboard shortcut can be used. Please keep in mind that pressing (Alt + Shift + S) by default is a keystroke combination.

Is it possible to edit my keyboard shortcut combination?

  • You can change the keyboard shortcuts for Chrome browser users from the extensions page. However, there is no option to alter the standard keyboard shortcut for Firefox and Opera at this time.

Is there a settings page for this add-on?

  • No, this add-on does not have any options or settings to customize. Simply install the plugin in your browser and start using it.

How can I open links in private mode using the context menu item?

  • To use the context menu item, right-click on any page and then select the Open Private Mode Browser  option from the context menu. Please keep in mind that, rather than loading the private tab with the link URL, as is standard when you right-click a link, it will instead load with the link URL.
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Is it possible to open the active tab in a separate window instead of the current window??

  • So no, the add-on does not yet enable you to open a new private window for each active tab. In fact, with the web-extensions API, this is the only option. To launch a link in a private tab, you must first create a separate private window with the tab URL loaded in it.

Is this addon compatible with mobile browsers?

  • Yes, this add-on is compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers.