Policy Access Control

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You can completely manage all content settings (cookies, images, JavaScript, and so on).

Policy Access Control is a addon that allows you to change all content settings (via the contentSettings API) from the toolbar popup UI.

By default, the toolbar contains these configurations for all websites (domains). The tab URL will be displayed as a pattern at the top of the UI once you open up the toolbar popup UI (for example, http://example.com/*). Please note that all modifications are automatically saved to memory. If you wish to restore the content setting changes to their original settings, click the reset button in the top toolbar.

Policy Access Control

Features of Policy Access Control

  • Allow or block various types of resources (JavaScript, image, font, etc.)
  • From the toolbar pop-up, you may alter preferences on a website (domain) basis.
  • Has a button to reset all settings back to factory defaults.
  • The icon in the toolbar changes color whenever the addon is disabled (or when the tab URL is invalid).
  • This extension software is available for Chrome and Opera browsers.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Policy Access Control?

Policy Access Control is a browser add-on that allows you to easily manage all content settings via a toolbar popup interface. These values are dependent on the website (domain) they apply to. When you display the toolbar popup UI, the URL of the tab will be displayed in the top section of the UI as a pattern (for example, http://example.com/*). Please note that all modifications are saved automatically to memory. If you want to restore everything back to its original state, please select “Remove” from the drop-down menu next to the input field.

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2. What are the available options for each setting?

In general, there are two choices for each category (allow or block). However, for certain categories (such as location), a third choice is available (ask). Simply choose the option you want and it will be saved to memory right away. Please reload any associated websites(s) to see the changes take effect.

3. Is Policy Access Control worth using to enhance my privacy?

Yes, Policy Access Control can protect you from some serious sources of privacy exposure (for example, location, cookie, etc.).

4. How can I get rid of all of the website’s policies?

Please press on the cross sign next to the input field (remove button) in order to remove all policies for a website. This button will reset all of your settings back to default values. If you just want to change one option, open the toolbar popup and find it, then use the select button to set the desired value. All settings are automatically saved to memory as previously stated.

5. How can I access the options page?

No customization is required. All you have to do is open the toolbar popup UI in order to access all of the features and functionalities provided by this addon.

6. What are my options for making further changes to this addon?

Please use the report form on this page to suggest improvements or identify possible bugs for this add-on.

7. Where can I find Policy Access Control’s privacy policy?

This extension’s privacy policy can be found here.

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