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Prime Piano is a user-friendly and lightweight piano add-on for your browser! Prime Piano is an entertaining and simple piano extension for your browser.

This piano learning add-on is a lightweight and simple-to-use add-on for playing or learning Piano. With the built-in keyboard, you can play your favorite song. Additionally, there’s the option of recording particular songs and replaying them at any time. There are 52 keyboard keys in total, but only 20 of them are visible on the first installation of the App (particularly great if you’re left-handed). The number of visible keyboard keys may be adjusted from the options page. To hide the built-in keyboard (top section), a setting is available. Sustain control also extends bits by a few milliseconds (for more expert performance).

Prime Piano

In a nutshell, Prime Piano is a fun and easy piano add-on for your PC or MAC.

7 Reasons to Use Prime Piano

  • Every time you open the add-on, it is automatically stored in memory.
  • At the top, you may play piano with a keyboard (keyboard), mouse, or built-in keyboard.
  • You can pick and choose which keys are visible (the default is 20).
  • The keyboard may be hidden from the options page.
  • There’s also a sustain control key that can be used to adjust keyboard noises to your preference (by default, it’s turned off).
  • You may save, record, or download any song.
  • Available for all browser and platform versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prime Piano?

Prime Piano is a lightweight and user-friendly extension for piano playing and learning. It is entirely constructed on the web (HTML, JS, CSS). You may play your favorite song using the built-in keyboard or by using the mouse. There’s also a feature that allows you to record the song(s) of your choice and replay it at any time. When you first install the add-on, there are only 20 visible keys; however, this can be modified from the options screen (open sidebar). The keyboard (top section) may be hidden. Furthermore, the sustain control option adds a touch of professionalism to performance (for a more professional piano player). Overall, this add-on is very user-friendly and lightweight Piano add-on for your browser.

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How can I work with this addon?

To use this add-on, go to the app UI by clicking on the toolbar button. Then play your chosen song using the keys on your computer’s keyboard or with the virtual keyboard (top section). You can also play your favorite song using the virtual keyboard (bottom part) or a physical keyboard. Open the sidebar to view app options as well as a recording of songs played. To record a song, simply hit the record button on the left side of the screen. The browser will request permission for recording from your device’s speaker after first being pressed (from within your device speaker).

You have agreed to allow the app to be able to record your song. Please click on the sidebar button after you’ve finished recording to display the correct sidebar. The full list of recorded songs may be seen in the sidebar. If there is a download button for the selected item, you may download a song. Please keep in mind that when you’re recording a song, you can also save it in WebM format on your computer. However, downloading capabilities are lost when the app is restarted or reloaded since this add-on does not keep downloads in memory.

How can I get the keyboard to expose the secret buttons?

To alter the location of the keyboard, hit the left or right arrow keys on your keyboard. Alternatively, use the Piano UI’s left and right arrow keys. The double arrow keys are used to swiftly move the keyboard to the left or right side.

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Is it possible to record the songs that you wish to hear?

Yes, there is a recording key to save any song you want. Simply hit the record key and begin playing your song (if prompted, accept the record permission). Finally, hit the record button once more to give your creation a name. To play back the song, click on the right-hand sidebar button and then select whatever you’re looking for from within the sidebar. You may also remove any song from your memory using this Delete option.

What should I do if this add-on is no longer needed?

To uninstall this add-on, go to your browser’s extensions page and select the remove option. Please keep in mind that this add-on is not active after you close it; therefore, if you are concerned about the strain on your browser or computer, you do not need to remove it.

Is this extension compatible with all platforms (including mobile)?

Yes, this add-on is available for all web browsers and platforms. It’s also accessible as a PWA (progressive web app) and a web application. Please click the Webapp link above to launch the web application.

Where can I get a copy of the Prime Piano privacy policy??

Please read the extension’s privacy policy before using it here