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This is a great tool that allows you to download videos from various websites. It is very easy to use and it has a lot of features that make it one of the best video downloaders out there.

With just one click, you may quickly extract video components.

The Prime video downloader online add-on has the following essential features. This is followed by an overview of the extension. This summary covers the essentials of the extension, its purpose, and its features in a nutshell. FAQ follows, which offers information about how this extension functions in your browser.

In conclusion, Prime video downloader online delivers a toolbar pop-up UI that enables you to simply grab the desired video formats and contents.

Prime video downloader

6 Reasons to Use Prime video downloader online

  • The download links, or copy the link to the clipboard, can be found in the Toolbar popup UI.
  • The number of items captured on the page is displayed in the badge icon text.
  • The formats may be added, deleted, or disabled from the preferences page.
  • You may also turn off the Addon for a few minutes and quickly re-enable it with a single click from the toolbar panel.
  • You may also choose a minimum size for each item so that the download is triggered.
  • The extension is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.


Download Helper (formerly known as Download Prime) is a multi-browser Addon that allows you to download HTML materials conveniently from your browser toolbar popup. It can capture the contents without any problems or delays on many pages. When an item has been captured, the badge icon displays the number of recorded items while the popup window (when opened) shows each content as a card item.

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There is an optional setting in Chrome and Opera that, if activated, will calculate and display the video resolution for each video entry. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t yet available in Firefox because the HTML5 video element isn’t completely compatible with it and may cause instability (unexpected crashes).

However, you may alter the storage location of the Firefox browser to your chosen option. To do so, go to your settings page and choose the folder of your choosing. Because these browsers do not provide extensions with access to your computer’s local folders, this choice is not available for Opera or Chrome. You can also enable the ability to add, modify, or delete media file types in this extension. The following are some default media file formats provided in the extension; however, they may be edited at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Prime video downloader online?

Prime video downloader online is a multi-browser extension that allows you to download video files from a webpage more efficiently. Simply click the toolbar popup to see the list of detected video files on any page with video content. You have the option of downloading a file, saving the download URL, or removing an item from the list. There’s also an options page with a number of preferences to change. The number of video things identified by this add-on will show as a badge icon next to it. Please keep in mind that if you switch tabs, the badge icon changes.

2. How to download a video file?

The badge icon text changes once the video is recorded within a web page, and you’ll notice it if you continue browsing normally. Now click the popup UI to view the download link.

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How to copy the download link?

There is a symbol to copy the link URL in the pop-up UI. To view the URL, simply click on the icon, then press (Ctrl + C) to copy the link to the clipboard.

4. How can I remove a toolbar item from the popup UI?

To remove an item, click on the cross sign (X) next to each one in the toolbar popup. At the bottom of the page, you may also delete the entire list by selecting the Clear list option.

5. Is this extension compatible with all versions of Firefox?

The add-on works with Firefox versions 29 and up.

6. Is there a settings or preferences page for this add-on?

Yes, there are several options for this add-on. Check out the settings on the options page.

7. Is there a way to change the minimum file size?

Select the Bytes option from the drop-down menu. In the top box, type in the required value for bytes (not any other units). The number will be stored automatically.

8. How can I change the download location in Firefox?

To change the default download location, go to the options page from the toolbar panel. Then, in the top region, select Choose – + click on it, and choose a new location. Then select a folder by clicking on Select Folder. The old address will be replaced with the current one after you’ve made your selection.

9. How do I change the download location in Opera?

To alter the file location in Opera, go to Settings and change your browser’s default download path. To do so, please click on the – Settings – button in your browser. After that, select the Change option from the drop-down menu. When you move the download location in Firefox, the download path will also be updated accordingly.

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10. How to add a new (.ext) file format?

To add a new format to the list on the options page, type in -.ext – and a description in the appropriate box, then click the plus sign. The new item will be added to the list. Please keep in mind that each entry must be in the form of (.ext), and that descriptions are required for each item.

11. How can I turn off (disable) an item for a set period of time?

Simply click the activate button next to an item. When inactive, the color will change to light gray. You may also remove a product by clicking on the cross sign next To it. Please keep in mind that removing an item permanently destroys it and is irreversible.

12. How can I turn off the add-on?

There are two ways to disable the Addon. The first is from the toolbar panel by selecting the – Disable VDP – button. This option is a fast method of turning off the addon while surfing on the internet. The second option may be found on the addons page, and it will completely remove the Addon. We propose utilizing the first choice since it is quicker and easier.

13. What is the Prime video downloader online privacy policy and where can I find it?

Please read the privacy policy for this extension at here