Privacy Settings Manager

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With a few modifications, you may improve your online privacy with a toolbar popup!

This extension, Privacy Settings Manager, is a tool that helps you enhance your privacy while surfing by employing ten distinct methods.

Open the bar toolbar popup UI and choose a desired change. Please bear in mind that only a few modifications are pre-selected by default. Also, keep in mind that this add-on may function differently based on your browser version and platform. The toolbar popup contains several settings (such as timezone, geolocation, and proxy) which may be adjusted.

Privacy Settings Manager

The different choices you can make while using this add-on include:

  1. Block the most frequent advertisements.
  2. Block canvas fingerprint.
  3. Block font fingerprint.
  4. Block webgl fingerprint.
  5. Block audiocontext fingerprint.
  6. Block webrtc IP leakage.
  7. Change the browser’s timezone.
  8. Change the browser’s geolocation.
  9. Set a custom socks5 proxy.
  10. Block the most popular trackers.

Features of Privacy Settings Manager

  • This is a lightweight and simple browser add-on.
  • The toolbar popup UI provides easy access to all privacy-improvements.
  • It has seven distinct methods for improving your privacy.
  • On all platforms, it’s accessible for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Privacy Settings Manager?

Privacy Settings Manager is a lightweight and multi-browser extension that aids in the reduction of online privacy by utilizing seven different methods. Simply open the toolbar popup UI to make a chosen change. Please note that only a few adjustments are set to default. Also, keep in mind that this add-on may perform differently depending on your browser and platform. In order for you to learn more about this program, please see the following FAQs.

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2. What tweaks are available in Privacy Settings Manager addon?

There are currently seven distinct modifications available for this plugin. The first one is a content blocker (i.e., intrusive advertisements). These items are the main causes of browsing lag and also a source of leaking privacy due to the presence of superfluous JavaScript files in your browser. As a result, removing these elements from load can significantly improve your privacy. Please note that only “common” things are filtered by this extension (if you need a complete-featured blocker, utilize another add-on). The second change is to add a canvas fingerprint blocker. When you check this option, your canvas fingerprint will be renewed every time you refresh a tab or a website. #3 is for preventing webrtc leakage. This setting prevents webrtc from being transmitted by all websites, regardless of whether they’re in the whitelist or not. #4 is for adjusting your time zone. Even if you use a VPN or proxy to hide your location, changing your time zone might be beneficial in maintaining your anonymity. As a result, altering the timezone may be quite useful in preserving your privacy. Another source of privacy leaks is geolocation (tweak #5), which is also known as pinpointing. Tweak #6 allows you to define a specific SOCKS5 host and port for your browser. If you want to change your IP address without using a VPN service, this tweak may be useful. Tweak #7 is used to filter out most popular trackers, such as website analytics, by default it’s disabled. By default this tweak is inactive.

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3. What kinds of settings are accessible via the toolbar pop-up UI?

There are four settings in the toolbar popup right now. Setting (a) is for timezone. You can choose a name and value for your timezone. Please keep in mind that Greenwich, UK is the default time zone. Setting (b) is for geolocation latitude and longitude. The default location is 51°25’48″N 0°7’61″E. SOCKS5 proxy is the setting to be specified ( c ). This option is disabled by default. You may set any host and port, then enable it using #6 tweak. Please note that if you use a TOR proxy, the host & port should be 127.0 on .1:9050). Last option is for white listing a domain from all privacy modifications (deactivates the extension for certain domains). There is a plus sign next to item (d) ( ). Simply press the button to whitelist the current tab (domain). Reload the tab to see the updated page, then uncheck tweak #3. Webrtc is the only tweak that cannot be whitelisted. To deactivate webrtc, you must unselect it from the list. Comma-separated domains are required. You may modify your whitelist in the toolbar popup window; however, please make sure each domain is correct, such as,, and so on.

4. Can I disable the add-on?

Yes, you may turn the plugin off in a matter of seconds. Please access the toolbar popup UI and look for the privacy symbol in the upper left corner. This button is a toggle switch that can be switched on or off. In existence, this button has an orange color when it’s turned on, but it has a grey appearance when it’s switched off.

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5. What is the badge number in the toolbar icon?

The badge number is for modifications 1 and 7. It merely counts the number of things that are blocked. Please note that there is currently no option to deactivate the badge number.

6. Should I have to restart my browser after upgrading a modification?

No, you do not need to restart your browser after using a tweak. Please keep in mind that the toolbar popup UI is automatically saved to memory once you make any modifications.

7. Is it possible to reload the current tab from the toolbar popup UI?

Yes, reloading the current tab is simple. Please activate the toolbar popup UI and select the – Reload current tab – option at the top toolbar.

8. Is this addon available for mobile browsers?

Yes, this add-on works in both mobile and desktop browsers.

9. Where can I find the privacy policy for Privacy Settings Manager?

Please review the extension’s privacy policy here.