Private Free VPN Proxy

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Find and set free VPN proxies instantly with the help of this addon! Browse quickly and securely.

Introducing the Private Free VPN Proxy extension, which allows you to easily disguise your true internet protocol (IP) address.

The addon will use a free JavaScript API call to look for a free proxy (socks5 IP & port combination). It currently relies on the “getproxylist”, “gimmeproxy” and “pubproxy” APIs. If a free proxy is found, it verifies whether the new socks5 proxy is functional. If the new socks5 proxy is functioning properly, it becomes part of the browser’s proxy configuration.

You may now browse the socks5 proxy and disguise your true IP address. Please keep in mind that the API for looking proxies is free, but it only provides 20 results each day. After the limit has been reached, the addon will exclusively utilize proxies from its memory (previously stored IP and ports). To turn off the addon, click on the gray icon in the toolbar popup UI at the top right of your browser (grey icon).

Note: “Free VPN Proxy” is a browser add-on that does not save your IP address or any other information in a remote location. However, third-party services (such as those mentioned above) have their own rules and regulations for keeping IP addresses.

Private Free VPN Proxy

Features of Private Free VPN Proxy

  • Socks5 free ip and ports are automatically discovered.
  • Has a blacklisting feature to keep undesired websites out.
  • ON/OFF switch to quickly turn the addon ON or OFF
  • Available for all major platforms and operating systems, as well as Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Private Free VPN Proxy addon?

“Private Free VPN Proxy” is a lightweight and multi-browser addon that allows you to hide your real internet Protocol (IP) address quickly and easily. Simply press the start button in the upper left corner (blue button). The add-on will use a JavaScript API to look for a free socks5 IP and port combination. When the (ip:port) combination is discovered, it will be applied automatically to your browser. You may now browse the web using this Private Free VPN Proxy. This is an alternative to IPForensics’ excellent Network (IP) Address, Port Number, and MAC Lookup feature. It’s a free API that allows you to look up ip addresses and ports. The limit is 20 addresses per day, but the API for searching ip and port is free. The addon will only use the addresses from its memory once the limit has been reached (previously saved ip and ports). To shut off the addon, click on the top right button in toolbar popup UI (grey icon).

2. How can I work with Private Free VPN Proxy?

Please follow the steps outlined above to launch the toolbar popup UI and then click on the top left button. The addon will look for a working ip and port combination using socks5 protocol. After a suitable sequence is discovered, it is automatically applied as the browser proxy. Please keep in mind that, each time you press the start button, a new identification (ip:port) will be found. The addon will employ the Javascript API for the first 20 identities, but it will rely on saved items in memory for the rest.

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3. How does this addon work?

This add-on uses two distinct JavaScript APIs to look for (ip:port) combinations. These APIs allow up to 20 searches per day. When a new working identity is discovered, the addon saves it to memory automatically. As a result, when the daily limit is reached, it utilizes the saved data in its memory instead of whitelisting a website from the private network. Please include addresses in the form specified in the pop-up UI if you want to blacklist a website from your secure network; for example, should be inserted as – * – . Please keep in mind that multiple entries must be separated by commas.

4. What is socks5?

Socks5, or Secure Socket Layer 5, is a client-server internet connection protocol that provides security. This technique not only secures connections but also uses authentication to allow only authorized users access to the server. Socks5 is now the most common method for transferring data between a client and server because of many internet technologies (such as SSH).

5. Is it possible to utilize a custom API engine to look for IP addresses?

No, you’re stuck using the default API engines. Please keep in mind that these API engines are part of the free services available to the general public, but they have a limit on how much data can be used each day.

6. What options are there in the toolbar popup UI?

There are two buttons at the top to activate or deactivate the software. The left button is for ON, and the right button is for turning it off. After that, you may use a whitelist to prevent certain domains from using your private network; please note that entries must be made in the specified format and comma separated. There are three buttons at the bottom, starting with the left being reload, which may be used to refresh an open tab. Then there’s the ip button, which takes you to an IP check website. It uses to display your public IP address. The last option is for going to the support page.

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7. Is there a settings or alternative choices page available for this extension?

This addon does not have any configuration settings or options. All you need is accessible through the toolbar popup UI.

8. What happens if I close my browser and re-open it?

When you restart your browser, the previously saved (ip:port) will be applied to the browser configuration. After restart, you will utilize a private network connection. However, this function does not always operate in Firefox. It’s possible that it’ll lose its privacy after a restart for no apparent reason. You must click on the start button again in this scenario.