Relaxation Times

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Relaxation Times is an extension tool that allows you to create break times with ease. It reminds you to take a break at a specific interval.

Relaxation Times

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Reasons you should Relaxation Times

  • The app UI is either a tool bar popup or a stand-alone pop-up window.
  • Options page to adjust the break settings, as well as an ON|OFF switch to enable or disable the plugin.
  • There is an option to play a notification sound when it’s time to relax.
  • Extensions are also available for all platforms including Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Relaxation Times?

Relaxation Time is a browser plugin that allows you to set precise breaks in advance. Please visit the options page and customize your settings before utilizing the add-on. Then, turn on/off the ON/OFF switch, and wait for the break to take effect. When you get a notification, whether it’s in a pop-up or on your desktop, please click on the – Okay, start the break – button to begin your vacation.

If you want to stop and wait for the next break, please click on the – Finish break now button. Alternatively, you may choose to skip this break by clicking on the – Skip this break – button. The default notification type is for opening a new tab. If you wish to change it to desktop notifications, go to the settings page and check the associated box. There is an ON|OFF switch in the popup that lets you turn on or off the extension.

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2. How can I work with Relaxation Times?

With a few clicks, you may open the toolbar popup UI and then click on the – Open options page – button. After you’ve opened the options page, there are seven settings to see. Working hours is the first setting; it’s set to 8AM to 5PM by default. Break days are defined as Monday through Friday, which is the case by default (Saturday and Sunday are not indicated). The third option is the break interval, which is set to 1 hour. You may select any value from the drop-down list.

The duration of the breaks is determined by setting number 4, which ranges from 1 minute to 1 hour and is defaulted at 5 minutes. There’s also a notification sound that plays before the time expires. Notification sound was previously turned off when the break began. There are two ways of notifying users about the coming pause in activity. The first method is to create a new tab, and the second method is to use desktop notifications. Opening a new tab is the typical approach.

3. What kind of announcements does Relaxation Times have?

The first type of notification is when you open a new tab, and the second is through desktop Notifications. As previously stated, opening a new tab is the default option. Please note that, once the notification tab has been opened, it will remain open until you press one of the buttons (red, blue or green). Red button is used to begin a break. Blue button is used to finish the current break and start another. The green button may be used to skip this break and go on to the next one.

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4. What exactly is the role of an options page?

Open the Options Page by going to the Toolbar Pop-Up UI and then clicking on the – Open options page – button. The toolbar popup UI also includes a button to access the support page (below the options button).

5. How to turn OFF the Relaxation Times extension?

Please visit the options page, then select the ON|OFF to disable the extension. When the Relaxation Times widget is turned OFF, the power switch and toolbar icons are grayed out.

6. How do I change the tone?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to change the notification sound. In the future, support for this feature will be added.

7. Where can I find the Relaxation Times privacy policy?

The privacy policy for this extension may be found here.