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This extension allows you to save and restore all tabs from the toolbar popup UI. You can also choose to have the extension automatically save tabs when you close browser and restore them when you open browser again.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your tabs organized, or if you just want a quick way to backup and restore your tabs, this extension is for you!

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Why You Should Use Save The Tabs?

  • You may close all open tabs at once with this extension.
  • It even allows you to restore all closed tabs.
  • From the toolbar popup UI, you may reorder or close tabs.
  • The history of tabs is kept in memory by default.
  • This extension is available for all browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Opera) and platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Save The Tabs?

Save The Tabs is a browser add-on that allows you to close all open tabs with a single click from your browser toolbar. Open the bar popup UI and select the Close tabs option on the top (middle button) with just one click. To restore all closed tabs, please select the Restore tab option on the top left corner of the toolbar popup UI. The list of tabs is visible in the toolbar popup UI. You can easily rearrange these items by moving them up or down in order to make your preferred selection.

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All open tabs will be re-ordered automatically. Furthermore, you may close a single tab (and remove it from the list) by clicking on the close button in the toolbar popup UI. If you make any modifications to the toolbar popup UI, all open tabs in your browser will reflect those changes and vice versa.

2. Click the close all tabs button on the addon, what will happen?

Save The Tabsadd-on will close all open tabs except the active one when you click on the close tabs button. In other words, after you click on the close tabs button, only the active tab will not be destroyed. This is due to the fact that at least one active tab is required for the browser to stay running. The list of open tabs remains in memory. As a result, you may keep them even after closing your browser.

3. What does it imply if I click on the restore tabs button?

When you click on the restore tabs button, the add-on will display all of the tabs from memory (toolbar popup list). Please keep in mind that when tabs are already open, nothing happens when you select the restore tabs option.

4. What does Save The Tabs work when I open a new tab?

When you create a new tab in your browser, it will be added to the toolbar popup UI list automatically. When you close a tab in your browser, it will also be removed from the toolbar popup list.

5. How to rearrange the tabs in Save The Tabs?

To reorder the tab list, please open the toolbar popup and drag an item to your preferred position. The tab itself will be rearranged as well. Please note that all of the tabs must be opened for this function to work properly. Drag and drop won’t operate if any of the tabs are closed, regardless of whether or not they’re open first.

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6. What is the way to remove a tab?

To remove a tab from the toolbar popup list, please open the popup and click on the close button at the right corner for each item. The tab will be removed from the list, unlike dragging and dropping. You may remove any page from the list, even if it isn’t currently visible, using this method.

Is browser performance degraded when using Save The Tabs?

It’s a browser add-on that does not have anything to do with your browser’s performance. It can, in fact, enhance performance when you close undesirable tabs. Please keep in mind, though, that restoring tabs (particularly for large numbers) might cause brief delays in your browser. But once all of the tabs are fully loaded, everything is back to normal. So please take steps to limit the amount of open tabs as much as possible.