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If you want to print a webpage or browser application, then there is an easy way for it. Selection Print to PDF Addon allows users on any device with the link which enables them to download and print just about anything from online sources like websites and applications on your local computer without ever leaving where they are! Please report any bugs or feedback about this app to help us make it better. Just click on the “bug report” button below and fill out all of your information, including a description of how things should work when they don’t! This section is for submitting comments about the plugin that this addon uses. As you can see in their input, one user suggests an improvement or two and then submit them through our form on how we could make things even better! Here, we provide the most basic information about this addon. We hope that it could help you get all of your needs met and enable a better experience with Selection Print to PDF!


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Explore the Selection Print to PDF features

  • With the click of a button, you can have your desired document in PDF format.
  • With this new context menu option, you can easily print any selection made with the mouse.
  • The plugin is available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera browsers.
  • This software includes several settings to adjust for printing a selection as a PDF document.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Selection Print to PDF?

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With Selection Print to PDF, you can easily print out just the words or sentences that interest us! To use this great little add-on for word processing software like Microsoft Word and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 throughCS6 (and earlier versions), select your desired text with one click of the mouse. Right-click on it and choose “Print Selection As…” from its menu options – pdf file will be created automatically in whatever folder is designated as the default download location accordingly so no need to go searching around everywhere trying to figure out where they went herself. Go to the settings page in your browser and change the download folder there. You can also adjust several options for this addon, which are available through an option menu on its home screen!

2. How does this addon work?

To make a copy of any text in the document, simply select it and right-click on your mouse. In this context menu, there is an option for Selection Print to PDF which will download to the default location on your machine if selected! This is an example of a project that uses the JavaScript PDF library, which allows you to print documents easily with just one line of code. To learn more about this open-source tool visit our website at This output shows how they could include additional information for those who are interested in reading about what’s going on behind it all without having any technical knowledge or experience!

3. How can I download the source code for Selection Print to PDF?

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The Extension Source Downloader is a great way to download the source code for extensions on Chrome Web Store. You can either get it in ZIP or CRX format and include them with your project quickly! If you want the source code for any of these awesome Firefox addons, just open up your browser and click on this link! Once there are two windows opened side-by-side (Firefox & Download Manager), select “Save Link As” from within either window before clicking ok. The file will now be saved at whatever location specified in preferences without needlessly downloading everything else that’s being offered by such sites as well so don’t forget about efficiency yet.

To install the XPI file on your machine, go to “Settings” and then select ‘Apps & Features.’ Next, scroll down until you see a box with an arrow pointing up and click it. After clicking this button choose where in storage or RAM (if possible) want to place all downloaded files; after making sure they are saved back out of habit by pressingalingtothe letter D twice quickly next time around when done installing things! So, do you want the latest version of your favorite add-on? Well luckily for all us tech enthusiasts out there installing from source is easy! Simply visit their official website and download whichever package suits you best. You can also see what other people are saying about them by checking out any reviews on Google Play Store or App store (if they have one).

4. Is there a way to open the options page?

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When you open the Options page, there are 18 different settings to choose from. Once a setting has been changed it will automatically save back onto your computer for future use!

5. What settings are on the options page?

With so many settings to choose from, it can be hard deciding exactly what you want. Luckily for us though there is an auto-saving feature that will save all your changes and preferences without any hassle!

6. What browsers does this addon work with?

The add-on works in all major browsers, including Firefox on desktop and mobile devices. However, it doesn’t currently support the Opera Mobile browser which means the app may not function properly for you when using an iPad or other tablets that use this software instead of traditional laptops/desktops with mouse & keyboard input methods.

7. What websites does this addon work with?

The text you select will be the only content that appears in your document. It should not exceed 200 characters though, so keep it short!

8. Can PDF documents automatically open on download?

However, in future versions of our app, we hope to have support for this feature so that you will be able to open it automatically with one click on your phone or tablet screen!

9. Where is the Privacy Policy for Print to PDF Options?

The privacy policy for this extension can be found here.