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The toolbar popup will display your public IP address.

Show My IP Address is a browser add-on that displays your public IP address in the toolbar popup UI.

By default, no server is chosen. Please select a desired server from the list in the UI. The list includes two sorts of servers: HTTP and STUN. To locate your IP address, STUN servers utilize WebRTC technology. To get the IP address, HTTP servers make use of the fetch API. In general, all third-party servers should have the same IP address. However, under some circumstances, they may display different IP addresses. All changes in the popup UI are automatically saved to memory as soon as they are made.

Note: This extension accesses a number of third-party API engines in order to display your IP address. Unless you choose a server, this add-on does not connect to any third-party website or service in any way. Furthermore, it does not store any information remotely. However, third-party servers (HTTP or STUN) have their own policies and regulations for storing IP addresses. As a result, before using any server, please familiarize yourself with its privacy statement. This add-on has no say in the matter of their privacy policies.

Show My IP Address

Features of Show My IP Address

  • In the toolbar popup UI, it displays your public IP address.
  • It makes use of six distinct ip API engines.
  • In the pop-up, it is possible to show city and country.
  • On all platforms, it’s available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera.
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Show My IP Address addon?

Show My IP Address is a lightweight and multi-browser addon that displays your public IP address in the toolbar pop-up UI. Simply open the UI and select an API engine. You may check your IP address using ipify, ip-api, seeip, amazon, geobytes, and geoplugin engines. In general, all of these engines should provide the same IP address. However, they might show different addresses in some cases. Please note that item no. 7 in the interface can also show you the current city and country. Furthermore, if you want to view your ip address from every source , please click on the last item.

2. How can I work with Show My IP Address?

To use the Show My IP Address extension, just click on the toolbar button to display the toolbar popup UI. Then choose an API engine from the drop-down menu. A – loading… message will appear until the addon locates your IP address. As previously said, all API engines should return the same ip address, but if you utilize a proxy service such as VPN, different engines may show distinct ip addresses. Please click on the last item in the UI to view the city and country for your current IP address.

3. How does this addon work?

This addon uses six different third-party API engines to display your IP address. Unless you select an API engine, this extension has no direct contact with any third-party website. Furthermore, it does not store your IP address or any other data on a remote server. However, each third-party site has its own privacy policy and regulations regarding the storage of IP addresses.

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4. Is it possible to use a custom API engine to display my IP address?

Yes, you can only utilize API engines that are pre-installed by Apple. Please keep in mind that these API engines are one of the free services available to the general public.

5. Is there a settings or options page for this add-on?

There are no settings or options to change in this extension.

6. Is it possible to open each engines in a new tab, displaying my IP address?

To view your API, please click on the blue API name in each item (at the end of the line). Please keep in mind that the same IP address is shown in both toolbar pop-up UI and main listing.

7. Where can I get the Show My IP Address privacy policy?

This extension’s privacy policy is located here.