Sound Level Meter

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With your computer’s microphone, measure the sound (dB) and noise around you! Sound Level Meter extension allows you to assess the ambient noise level (dB) and decibel level.

Sound Level Meter

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Features Sound Level Meter:

  • The Sound Levelizer plugin allows you to view sound factors (level, noise, duration, etc.) in a standalone popup window.
  • Renders the current real-time sound value and other vital information.
  • The sound meter is calibrated based on your system and environment.
  • On all operating systems, it is available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera web browsers.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Sound Level Meter?

The Sound Level Meter is a browser plugin that allows you to quickly measure several vital sound variables, including sound level in decibels, noise level, sound average, and normalized sound value. It’s possible the program may request microphone access when you first open it. In order to run the add-on, please accept the dialog box.

It’s also worth noting that the program may take a few seconds to load. So please wait while the extension gets ready. The loader has vanished when the addon is ready to utilize. It captures sound using your computer’s microphone. Please connect one before using the software if your PC lacks a microphone. In the popup UI, you can see various information on the top toolbar. A button to reload UI and a button to visit support website are both available on the top right side.

2. How can I work with this add-on?

Simply open the app’s user interface and begin utilizing the program. The plugin may inquire about microphone access rights. Please accept the permission before using this add-on. As previously said, the top toolbar contains a variety of essential information regarding the ambient noise. The sound level in decibels is displayed in left to right order, beginning with the first item, which is a sound volume bar.

After that, you may check the minimal and maximum sound levels on record. The decibel level is the next item. Following it is the measured sound level in decibel, as well as the average sound value. The duration of monitoring the current noise is placed next to the duration field. There’s also a calibration file for you to use if your machine’s sound level isn’t correct. After changing the calibration value, please press reload to have your modifications take effect. The last button in the app UI opens up a support page.

3. How does the Sound Level Meter add-on work?

This add-on uses a JavaScript audio API to record and compute sound parameters. This API is supported by all modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome). In addition, this add-on employs a free and open source charting library called Chart.js to present data as a graph.

4. What does calibration value mean?

The Calibration value is used to change the sound level. Normally, it should be zero, but you may need to enter a calibration value if your system or microphone type requires it. The calibration setting is 30 by default.

5. How do I turn the extension OFF?

When the app UI is closed, this extension is completely disabled and has no use (RAM/CPU). Alternatively, if you want to completely uninstall the extension, go to your browser’s extensions screen and select the disable option there.

6. Is this extension available for mobile firefox (Firefox for android)?

Yes, this add-on is compatible with all browser types and operating systems, including mobile Firefox and Opera.

7. How can I reload the app UI?

On the top toolbar (2nd button from right), you will see a reload button if you open the app UI. Please press this button to refresh the UI. Also, note that closing the UI in order to reload it will terminate monitoring and reset microphone usage.

8. How is the performance of this addon?

This add-on’s accuracy is comparable to that of real devices for sound measurement. It also resembles sound meter applications for mobile phones (android or iOS). As a result, use this add-on on any computer you carry with you. The calibration value lets you change the sound level.

9. How does sound level correlates to sound average?

The microphone’s sound level is measured in decibels (dB) as a logarithmic scale of sound average. It’s calculated as: 20 ✕log10(average) ✛ calibration. You may modify the add-on based on your computer’s hardware if you adjust the calibration value to suit your needs. If, for example, you have a particular microphone that demands a higher input power, simply raise the calibration number to correct the estimated sound level.

11. Where can I find the privacy policy for Sound Level Meter?

Click here to view the privacy policy for this extension.