Sound Setting

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It’s a lightweight extension that allows you to quickly change a few sound settings from the toolbar pop-up.

Sound Setting

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Features Sound Setting Extension:

  • A lightweight plugin that allows you to quickly change sound settings.
  • For easy access to sound settings, it includes a toolbar popup.
  • Works on any website using HTML5 audio and video elements.
  • It is available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera browser on all platforms.

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Sound Setting?

is a lightweight and multi-browser add-on that lets you easily change a few sound settings from the toolbar popup. There are currently three options to adjust, including volume, balance, and amplify. All of the parameters are saved only for the current tab. When you switch tabs, the configurations are reset to their defaults. Please keep in mind that this extension is solely designed for HTML5 audio and video components.

2. How can I work with this add-on?

Please open the toolbar popup UI after you install the add-on and choose a desired preset from the list. The volume setting ranges from 0 to 100 units. Balance variable changes from (-100%) to (+100%), with -100% representing only the left speaker and (+100%) representing only the right one. Any value between these numbers divides the output sound between speakers proportionally. The amplify option is last, in which it amplifies output sound from 100 percent to 500%. The original level is set at 100%, whereas 500 percent makes the output sound 5 times louder than normal settings.

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3. Does this addon has a separate options or settings page?

No, as previously said, there is no options or settings page for this add-on. All you need is accessible through the toolbar pop-up UI.

4. What options are available in toolbar popup UI?

The current adjustable settings include three. Sound Settings enables you to adjust the volume, balance, and boost. The following are the available Audio Settings options: Volume, Balance, and Amplify are the names of the settings. Please keep in mind that these settings are only kept for each tab. In other words, if you modify tabs, your settings will be reverted to their defaults.

5. Is this addon available for mobile browsers?

Yes, this add-on is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices on all operating systems. Please keep in mind that the popup UI may not fit completely on a mobile device’s screen.

6. Does this add-on control sound settings in any website and for any sound stream?

Yes, this plugin is compatible with any audio or video file that is built on the HTML5 standard. For example, you may modify the sound of YouTube, Sound Cloud, Vimeo, or any other website that provides an HTML5 stream. Please keep in mind that this add-on is not compatible with Adobe Flash media elements.

7. Where can I find the privacy policy for Sound Setting?

Please read the privacy statement for this extension here.