Speech To Text Engine

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The speech synthesis and recognition tool for your browser is simple to use!

Speech To Text Engine is an add-on that aids in the conversion of spoken language to text.

It can translate your voice to text in a variety of languages and dialects. Simply open the add-on’s UI and then select the big microphone icon to begin converting your voice to text. Please keep in mind that, when the add-on is initially launched, it will request microphone access. Please allow the add-on to operate.

All of the captured text is placed in the top text area within the user interface. To copy the text, press (Ctrl + C) on your keyboard. This add-on has no background operations when it’s closed. It also doesn’t need an internet connection to work.

Speech To Text Engine

Features of Speech To Text Engine

  • Speech synthesis tools for your browser are simple to use.
  • It may support a wide range of languages and dialects.
  • Work without an internet connection.
  • Has only a single pop-up window with no background activities.
  • On all platforms, the extension is only available for Google’s Chrome browser.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Speech To Text Engine?

Speech to Text Engine is a speech-to-text addon that enables you to convert your speech into text. It can recognize a variety of languages and dialects. To begin transcribing your voice, simply open the addon UI and select the microphone icon. Please keep in mind that, when the add on is initially launched, it will need microphone access. Please agree to use the add on after accepting its usage permission. The generated text is placed in the top textbox region of the UI. Simply take the text and paste it wherever you desire. When this add-on is closed, there are no background activities. Furthermore, it does not require an internet connection to work. Please see below for additional information regarding this add-on.

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2. How can I use this add-on?

After the addon is installed in your browser, open the UI by clicking on the toolbar button. After the UI is displayed, you may start the synthesis process by clicking on the large microphone symbol. The microphone icon will change from red to white as long as the add-on is functional. The function of stopping the recognition operation may be obtained by clicking on it again. You can now copy text from the top area and utilize it wherever you want. Consider that, before utilizing the extension, make sure to change the language and dialect from the dropdown menus. The default language is English, but it may be changed to something else in the Settings menu. This add-on requires microphone permission in order to function; therefore, double-check whether you’ve accepted the permission notification when launching the UI for the first time.

3. What is the engine that drives the voice recognition tool?

This addon uses the HTML5 speech synthesis API, which is available in all modern browsers. This API is functioning in the Chrome browser at this time. As a result, this add-on will only work on Chrome platforms. When the API becomes accessible across other browsers (Firefox and Opera), this add-on will be made available for them as well.

4. Where are the configuration options for this add-on?

This add-on has no separate settings page. All of the adjustments are integrated into the UI. There is just one input language setting right now. Please change the language and dialect after opening the UI. Also, be advised that all of the modifications are automatically saved to memory.

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5. Why is this add-on only accessible via the Chrome Web browser?

As previously stated, since the HTML5 Speech Synthesis API is presently operational in Chrome, this addon is only available for Chrome. When other browsers support this API, the add-on will be distributed to them as well.

6. How can I copy the final result?

After the recognition process is finished, please select the text in the top text area and paste it anywhere you want. The text may be copied using (Ctrl + C) on a Windows computer. Instead of that, use (Control + C) on a Mac to copy the contents. You may paste the text by using (Ctrl + V).

7. Why does this add-on sometimes fail to recognize the voice?

Although voice control is simple, it has a lot of technical jargon attached to it. This technology is still in its infancy, and the internet community is still developing it. As a result, you may encounter bugs, flaws, or incorrect outcomes. Because this add-on makes use of the underlying HTML5 API when the API changes, it will be updated automatically.

8. Is it possible to utilize the addon in my mobile browser?

In general, this addon works on both mobile and desktop devices. However, since the extension is only compatible with Google Chrome, there is no option to use it on a mobile device.