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The following are some of the most important features of the Speed Dial World add-on. This is followed by a description of this add-on. There aren’t many words regarding the addon, its purpose, or its features in this summary. FAQ comes next, and it’s a great place to go for information about how this add-on functions in your browser. If you can’t discover an answer on this page, please use our bug reporting form or contact us via the homepage to share your inquiry. The bug report form follows after the FAQ. It’s intended to gather user feedback as well as issues with this add-on.

Users may also submit suggestions or feature requests through this form. The next section is for submitting comments about the plugin, which utilizes the Facebook comments system. The final area is used to report issues submitted on GitHub. We hope that the information presented on this page will assist you in gaining an understanding of Speed Dial World and providing a better experience with it.

Speed Dial World

Features of Speed Dial World

  • To add a desired website to the Speed Dial World UI, right-click on a context menu option.
  • You can change the look and feel of your interface to match your needs. There are a number of settings that you may use to customise it to your liking.
  • This template has a variety of background images.
  • The Addon is simple to use and lightweight.
  • Available for all web browsers and platforms.

Description of Speed Dial World

The Speed Dial World extension is compatible with all web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. It’s a lightweight plugin that won’t slow down your browser. It also doesn’t require you to restart your browser after the installation is completed. The Addon has a lot of flexibility and may be freely customized. You don’t have to put up with the same stock image in every row. Different background images can be chosen, as well as the number of rows and columns on a case-by-case basis. Cells may be rearranged quickly and simply.

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Drag and drop a cell to your intended location, and all cells will be reordered automatically and stored in memory for future usage. Speed Dial World, in its most basic form, may potentially replace the bookmark concept. This browser extension makes bookmarking and managing your favorite websites easier than ever before. The user experience of this add-on is constantly being enhanced so that users can manage their favorite websites even more effortlessly. You’re welcome to offer ideas to the developer so that he or she may continue developing it further.


1. What is Speed Dial World?

Speed Dial World is a browser plugin that lets you access your favorite websites much quicker. Simply right-click any page and select Add to Speed Dial World for as many sites as you want. The website will be added to the speed dial list with a screen shot included. To launch Speed Dial World, click on the toolbar button. The top of the Speed Dial World contains a settings toolbar where you may adjust various aesthetic choices. For example, you can change the size of the speed dial (the number of rows and columns). You may also alter the cell spacing using this UI. There is also the option to customize the colors for each cell, which is shown as RGBA (red, green, blue, and a transparency factor). The Speed Dial World add-on includes several background images. To alter one, simply change the index at the top settings toolbar. All of the settings are automatically stored in memory.

2. How to install the add-on?

To configure this extension, go to the UI (click on the toolbar button), and scroll all the way down to the top banner for settings.

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3. How to change the color in the extension?

Click the toolbar button to open the UI and then adjust the R (red), G (green), B (blue) and A (transparency) values in the top section of the interface to match your desired color. Please note that, by default, they are set at (242, 242, 242, 0.3). If you’re having trouble determining RGBA values using Wikipedia or W3Schools, check out this page on Wikipedia or this one on W3Schools.

4. How to change the background image in the extension?

The background images in the Basic dialer are pretty nice, but they’re a little limited. To alter the background image, go to the UI and change the background image index from the top toolbar choices banner. Once you modify this index, the background picture will be updated accordingly.

5. How to hide toolbar options in extensions?

Uncheck the box next to the word Settings in order to conceal the toolbar option. If you check this option, the toolbar options will be revealed.

6. How can I remove the site in the extension?

When you first install the Addon, it adds very few websites to your speed dial automatically (most visited websites) from your history. These sites do not have a screenshot. Please click on the cross-symbols at the top right corner of each cell to remove these URLs from the Speed Dial World. Please keep in mind that because these sites are added automatically to the Speed Dial World, they do not have any photo. If you add a site manually (by using the right-click context menu option), however, a picture will be included for each cell in the Speed Dial World.

7. How can I edit the name and URL in the extension?

Please select a new name for each cell in speed dial by clicking on the name and editing it within the opened popup. In order to modify the URL, please click on the edit symbol next to the cross sign. To change the URL, a pop-up will appear where you may input your changes. After you’ve made your selection, press Okay to store it.

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8. How to rearrange the order of cells?

Yes, all cells in the Speed Dial World may be dragged. Simply drag and drop the cell to your chosen location; all cells will be reordered automatically and stored to memory.

9. Find and install the Speed Dial World extension for Firefox?

To install Speed Dial World for Firefox, go to the Firefox add-on store and search for Speed Dial World (you may find a link to the Firefox add-on store at the top-right corner of this page), then click on the Add To Firefox button to add it to your browser. Please keep in mind that this extension has no restart requirement, so you will not have to close your browser when you finish installing it.

10. Find and install the Speed Dial World extension for Chrome?

To install Chrome Speed ​​Dial World, go to the Chrome web store, search for “Speed Dial World“, click the Add to Chrome button. It will be added to your browser.

11. Find and install the Speed Dial World extension for Opera?

To install Speed ​​Dial World for the Opera browser, visit the Opera add-ons store (there is a link for the add-on store above this page) and search for Speed ​​Dial World. Once you’ve found it, just click the Add to Opera button to have it added to your browser.

12. How do I uninstall an extension?

To remove the Speed ​​Dial World extension, go to your browser’s add-ons settings page and look for the addons icon. Please keep in mind that each browser has its own variation of the extension’s settings screen, but uninstalling should be simple since there is no need to restart after removing the plugin entirely.